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F1 | Horner: Freight issues could "wreak havoc" with record-breaking F1 calendar

Formula 1 has embarked on a record-breaking 23 race calendar in 2022. Freight delays could be an issue as the schedule becomes ever more congested.

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F1 |  Horner: Freight issues could "wreak havoc" with record-breaking F1 calendar
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Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is extremely concerned that freight issues could “wreak havoc” with Formula 1’s record breaking calendar.

The Ukraine war and the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered huge logistical complications across the world and freight delays.

Haas missed the start of the Bahrain pre-season test as some of it’s freight was delayed due to a plane problem.

F1’s 2022 calendar is hosting a record breaking 23 races with a multitude of back to back races in the second half of the season making the schedule more congested than ever before. This includes an arduous triple header with Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy in August and September.

Horner said: “It's a big challenge. “We have a very complicated calendar and there's very tight timescales, and with some of the triple-headers, and double-headers coming up late in the year, obviously losing freight for a period of time could wreak havoc.

"So that's one issue that we're working, obviously, very closely with the logistic guys and Formula 1 with. But then, of course, there's the cost element and I think freight is close to doubling this year.

"We see that in all the cost of living, we see inflation throughout the world and I think that, when you consider that freight is something that is currently within the cap, we need to find a sensible allowance that takes into account these inflationary costs.”

MotoGP have also struggled with the ongoing freight issues and were forced to cancel their first day of running at the Argentine Grand Prix.

McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl stressed the importance of the 10 teams getting equal treatment.

The German said in Melbourne: “Yeah, it's obviously a challenging situation, not just for us, for everyone in the world at the moment with depending on logistics. 

“But in the end, we have to deal with the situation, I think together with all the other teams, together with Formula 1, everyone trying to do his best, and still making sure everything is arriving in time. 

“And I think we simply have to accept the situation is challenging at the moment. And yeah, just can thank and want to thank also Formula 1, Steve Nielsen, Ross and Stefan for all the help on this as well, in order to make sure that all teams, let's say, get treated equally as well, which is obviously important also from a sporting perspective.”

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