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F1 | FIA accused of 'greed' amid sprint race decision delay

The FIA have delayed a decision to double the amount of sprint races for the 2023 campaign and they have been accused of 'greed'

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F1 | FIA accused of 'greed' amid sprint race decision delay
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The FIA has been accused of ‘greed’ as a delay in the decision to increase the number of sprint races for 2023 has caused a huge split at the top of Formula 1.

The FIA are currently evaluating the possibility of doubling the number of sprints from three to six for next season. 

The 10 teams unanimously backed the plans from F1 to hold six sprints next year but, they said in a statement that it was "still evaluating the impact of the proposal on its trackside operations and personnel" following a Formula One commission meeting on Tuesday.

Sources have told Sky Sports' Craig Slater that "unjustifiable financial requests" are behind the FIA's decision to block the vote.

”The word 'greed' was actually used to me," Slater told Sky Sports News. "And a couple of teams said that, in their view, the FIA do not incur significant extra costs by replacing a practice session with a sprint event. They're shocked that the FIA has taken this position.”

He added: "What we've had at this Formula One Commission meeting is a very significant split at the very highest level of Formula One.

"Among the subjects discussed was increasing the number of sprints to six next year. Formula One, the sport's commercial rights holder, was in favour of that - there was unanimity among the 10 teams in favour of that as well - but it has not happened because the FIA cannot support it at this point.

"F1 and the teams have seen how the sprint increased TV audiences and view it attractive to younger fans. They hope it could gain independent sponsorship and become an even bigger revenue stream.

There are currently three sprint events scheduled for the 2022 season with the recent event at Imola being followed up by sprint races at the Austrian Grand Prix and Brazilian Grand Prix.

F1’s upcoming power unit rule change due for 2026 was also discussed and the FIA set out six preliminary goals for the new rules. They include further improving how closely the cars can follow and reducing the dimensions of the cars.

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