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F1 | Latifi admits stuggling with the FW44 as Capito says "he will get the full support of the team"

After a difficult start to the 2022 season, Latifi admits he's been struggling driving the FW44 as the 26-years-old makes his way into the season with a couple of accidents already under his belt.

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F1 | Latifi admits stuggling with the FW44 as Capito says "he will get the full support of the team"
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Carrying with him a series of incidents on track that have cost him and the team money, points, and performance, Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi admits he is currently struggling driving the 2022 Williams’ challenger.

"Since Saudi I just haven't had a great feeling with the car, even before the crashes," he notes. "Any driver will say when you don't trust the car underneath, what it's going to do, it can be a very dangerous thing.

"I don't mean in the aspect of safety, I mean in terms of the car catching you out, having incidents, and not being comfortable to push the limits,” said Latifi, as reported first by motorsport.com.

"So even when the pace is relatively okay, or strong, it's not necessarily that I still have the feeling like okay, I'm happy with the way I feel. I think that's something that will just come with time."

As Aston Martin scored the first points of their season, Williams is now relegated to the last position in the constructors’ standings with the single point Alex Albon scored at Australia.

Team Principal Jost Capito expresses the team’s total support for the Canadian driver and assures it has not been easy for the man who unfortunately played an essential role in deciding the 2021 championship title.

"I think it's a heads game, isn't it?,"

"He's capable to drive very fast and do the same lap times as Alex if he is in the right place, I'm sure.”

"The cars are a bit more difficult and trickier to drive than last year's, and he has to get his head around it. Of course, if you have a couple of offs you have to find again the confidence. But he will get the full support of the team, and we are sure he will get there."

"I think what impacted him most last year was the comments and the threats on social media. We helped him to get over that.

"Of course, these incidents he had a couple of times, as mentioned before, it's not boosting his confidence. But we try to boost his confidence, we work with him, and I think he's getting better on that. And he has to learn that, and I think he's on a good way," he concluded.

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