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F1 | important upgrades for Ferrari in Barcelona to catch up with Red Bull's pace

Team Principal Mattia Binotto confirms that Ferrari will introduce the first big package of upgrades in Barcelona to try and keep up with Red Bull's pace. A package Charles Leclerc is hopeful will bring the team's performance back to the top.

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F1 | important upgrades for Ferrari in Barcelona to catch up with Red Bull's pace
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The new season had kicked off quite well for Ferrari, who had gained a major gap from Red Bull over the first three races. A gap that was shortened significantly in the last two racing weekends, as they were quick in Milton Keynes to come up with improvements that won them both Grand Prixes.

“In the next races it will be our turn to try to develop as much as we can the car by introducing upgrades,” said Binotto at the end of the Miami GP.

“I think it’s not a surprise that we may have a package in Barcelona which will be important for us.”

The Team Principal is hopeful that these upgrades will help Ferrari close the gap with the RB18B, which is “a couple of tenths per lap faster” than the prancing horse thanks to the upgrades introduced in Imola.

“I hope that the package we are introducing is working as expected in order to try to catch up the current gap we’ve got compared to the Red Bull.”

A gap that was quite visible on the asphalt of the Miami International Autodrome - where Ferrari run with more downforce than planned – as Verstappen claimed victory at the end of race in which his Red Bull showed off a far better pace.

Not only Ferrari looked slower on the straights, but it seemed that Red Bull caught up with them on the slow corners as well.

“Red Bull has been very good in that respect, they were very good on the medium tyres to be as fast as us in the very slow speed corners,” commented Binotto.

“The reason why is that it’s something that we need to assess and understand. And, in fact, I believe it’s that they have got upgrades in the last races that have made their car simply faster.”

As it stands 19 points separate Max Verstappen from the championship’s lead and - although he has been catching up with Leclerc rather quickly - the Monegasque assured “the concern is not there” as he believes in Ferrari’s development.

“Of course, they’ve been improving. I think we all expected them to be improving. They are a very strong team and we are aware of this so it’s not a surprise,” he said.

“But I am also confident about my team, and I’m sure that will bring upgrades that will bring us back to the top.”

“We are working well and we’ve been working very well in the past few years to come back on top. So, I hope that those upgrades will help us to challenge them again.”

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