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F1 | The Russian Grand Prix will have no substitute

Formula 1 and the FIA have announced that after the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix due to the war happening between this country and Ukraine, there will not be another race that will ocuppy this empty spot, going from a 23-race calendar to only 22.

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F1 | The Russian Grand Prix will have no substitute
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A few months ago, the FIA decided to remove the 2022 Russian Grand Prix from this Formula 1 season's calendar. This is as a result of the war that is currently taking place between the Russian country and Ukraine. Said Grand Prix was planned to take place from September 23rd to the 25th. Initially, Formula 1 had commented that it was looking for the circuit that was going to replace Russia within the 23-race calendar, Qatar initially applied, who already hosted a Grand Prix during the 2021 season, however, the organizers decided not to continue with the proposal to focus 100% on the soccer world cup, which will be held in this same country at the end of the year.

Similarly, Formula 1 claimed a calendar of a total of 23 races, being the season with the largest number of Grand Prix in history. After the fall of Russia, F1 was still hoping to find its replacement and continue with the 23-race plan, however, today, May 18th, 2022, Formula 1 and the FIA ​​have confirmed that the Russian Grand Prix will have no substitute, meaning the 2022 season will have a total of 22 races.



Why isn't another Grand Prix held somewhere in Europe? Basically, the idea of ​​the return of the German Grand Prix came up, in Hockenheim, however, the gap left by the Russian Grand Prix is ​​between the end of the European season and the beginning of the tour of the Asian continent, a fact that would cause that it was impossible for the teams, due to logistics, to travel from Germany to Singapore, the country that would host the first Grand Prix of the Asian tour. Likewise, Formula 1 has had consequences due to the inflation that is being experienced around the world, a fact that causes travel expenses to be more expensive, that is why the highest category of motorsports decided not to continue with the search for another Grand Prix, even in a country that is new at the time of entering the Formula 1 calendar.

This news is expected to be beneficial for the teams, who are currently facing an internal struggle to stay within the limit of the budget ceiling that has been imposed on them at the beginning of the season. This ceiling has been imposed to limit the money spent by teams on the development of their current car. Two of the teams that are being more cautious with this limit are Ferrari and Red Bull. Both teams are fighting for the constructors' and drivers' titles, so they have to plan extremely well how they spend the money and how they use it to develop their car.

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