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F1 | Monaco GP | Drivers insist Monaco "deserves to be on the F1 calendar”

During the Monaco Press conference, the drivers gave their 5 cents on the track layout, overtaking and if the GP by French Riviera should remain in the calendar.

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F1 | Monaco GP | Drivers insist Monaco "deserves to be on the F1 calendar”
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Monaco, out of all the races we currently have in the F1 calendar is probably the most renown. With the drivers racing against each other by the French Riviera, the GP has an unbelievable atmosphere that has been present for as long as the GP has been taken place. The luxury and pizzazz are oozing from the streets, celebrities and events, but with the growing need for improved, more interesting racing, there has been talks if Monaco should remain in the calendar.

Many argue that the race only takes place because of the historical value, while the racing is basically non existent. With the 2022 spec cars there is no overtaking, as they’re too big, too long, and too heavy. But what do the drivers think in that regard?

Present at the Monaco GP, our MotorLAT editor Ed Spencer asked Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Mick Schumacher and Fernando Alonso if the race should remain in the calendar, and if the drivers would be happy or sad to see it go. 

Max Verstappen, who spends his day-to-day life in Monaco as well answered: “Left to right and start with me? Let's say like this, I think if they would propose the plans nowadays with how the track layout is, probably it would not be on the calendar. But I think because of the historic value to it, and I mean… well, I think the amazing weekends we've had, you know, throughout the years, I think it belongs on the calendar. And of course, with the cars we have now, they're a bit too big,  a bit too long, a bit too heavy for the track layout, but it is something special. And I do think yeah, we should continue.”

Carlos Sainz, the first Spaniard to voice his opinion, believes Monaco should definitely remain in the calendar. As he said: “Agree (with Verstappen’s sentiment). I think Monaco deserves anyhow to be on the F1 calendar. I think it's a great place to come to. When you think about Formula 1, a lot of people think about Monaco. So yeah, it would be nice to put an overtaking place, I'm not going to lie. Like this the show could be a bit better on Sunday but even if not, I still think everyone knows a weekend here is about qualifying, around the pitstops. And everyone is already expecting that. So it's not like we're missing out in much.”

Although Mick Schumacher says Monaco should stay, he’d definitely would like to see a comeback of the German GP. As he said during the conference: “Yeah, I think it definitely deserves to stay on the calendar. It's a historical event. On the other hand, if we would exchange it for a German Grand Prix, obviously, I think we would take the German Grand Prix; at least, I would. But yeah, I think if you had both that would be great.”

Lastly, Fernando Alonso not only thinks Monaco should remain, but that other races such as Barcelona or Budapest also don’t have any overtaking, and the only reason why things like this are debated now is because of “social media”.

As he said: “The same comments, but I think it has to be in the calendar. And I don't see any reason why it should not be in the calendar. Because overtaking is difficult, it is difficult, it is difficult also in Singapore.  It has been difficult in Barcelona, it has been difficult in Budapest, before DRS, you know, before 2011 or whatever, there were not overtakings in Budapest or in Barcelona or in Monaco, in Singapore, and they were not talks about, you know, removing those races in the calendar. So now there is a lot of talks, you know, with social media, how the world is, you need to talk constantly about things, you know, and random things and this is one thing that doesn't make sense.”

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