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F1 | Monaco GP | Gasly unhappy with AlphaTauri’s Saturday: “Our mistakes are costing us massively"

After a very strong Friday and Saturday morning, Pierre Gasly expected a good position for tomorrow’s race but a bad strategy by his team compromised is qualifying

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F1 | Monaco GP | Gasly unhappy with AlphaTauri’s Saturday: “Our mistakes are costing us massively"
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Pierre Gasly is not happy with how he and AlphaTauri worked today, as he will start P17 tomorrow’s race, despite all the good practice sessions he had. The Frenchman looked a near certainty to make Q3 at least.

Understandably, the one-time Grand Prix winner was far from happy about it.

After qualifying Gasly said: “I am extremely disappointed. I don't think I can put into words how I am feeling right now.

"The whole weekend was so good. P5 this morning, P6 yesterday. Every time I went out, I felt super good in the car and I was comfortable to put the fast lap times in.

"I just don’t understand some of the choices we are making. Obviously there is a bit of bad luck in there, a mix of different circumstances, but at the end is the same session for everyone.

"We decided to do only to do 2 laps. When I finished my second lap, I am P4-P5; obviously everybody stayed on track and we decided to come in.

"Then after there is a red flag, come out of the pitlane too late and we're the first one (not to make it before the chequered flag fell). Yuki made it by one second and I missed it by two seconds. Basically didn't have any representive lap time.

"Our mistakes are costing us massively. Very disappointed for everyone in the team."

Gasly seemed also very confused with the choice of the red flag after Tsunoda’s puncture: “This red flag is questionable. I don’t fully understand why it was there.

"There were many cars ahead of us; Yuki was ahead of me. He was behind another car. I tried to follow as close as I could, but we missed it."

Gasly believes he could have put the car on the third row today and says the team need to do a much better job operationally as the season goes on.

"There is a lot of things we need to review. We’re not doing a good enough job at the moment. When we have a car to qualify in P5 or P6, I just don't understand how we end up in such a position. 

'We just need to do a better job: we as a team.

"I want us to perform, but at the moment we can question some of the decisions or choices we are doing. I hope we can sort this out in the upcoming races.“

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