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F1 | Monaco GP | "I don't think we did a perfect job on strategy,” said Lando Norris after losing out on fifth to Russell

McLaren’s driver talks about the risks on a race, happiness for managing to get points, but at the same time he also admits that the team needs to discuss strategy to improve and be in the best position.

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F1 | Monaco GP | "I don't think we did a perfect job on strategy,” said Lando Norris after losing out on fifth to Russell
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After the Monaco Grand Prix, Lando Norris, who ended the race in 6th place behind Mercedes’ George Russell and ahead of Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, expressed that even though there were some issues that he was happy with the results, and it was a “decent race”.

“Yes, thanks. It was a good race, although we lost one position, just so happen sometimes in these conditions, you just you take your risk of going one up earlier, but it is a risk, you know.

“Sometimes you'll lose from it sometimes gain, and today they gain. So, firstly to them, George did a good job as well. But we still have to make the most of it. Otherwise, you know, with the fastest lap and the pace at the end. I think we're gonna be lacking a little bit of race pace and entire presentation and things. I don't think we're in the best position with all of this. But apart from that a good race, good points, which I'm I'm happy about.”

He was also asked about how he felt on losing a position, admitting he was not impressed but frustrated when he saw his opponent coming at him fast.

And it was not the only thing that caused him frustration; tyre strategy also did.

“There's, there's things we'll talk about, about strategy, I don't think we did a perfect job. When of course, there's always things to work on and improve on. More something for us to talk about by behind the scenes and back in MTC, and find out things differently for everyone from outside,” said Norris.

The Brit also talked about his team and actions taken: “There's just there's a lot of things to think about in Monaco. And these conditions is just never an easy thing and a really good position we have, you know, we don't want to risk too much. And it's easy to go that way. So they did everything for good reasons. And everything, for good reasons, is just I guess my feeling inside the car is easy to get across to the team, you know that I think we can have much better pace with the box and things like that. And it's hard to describe that and say that in in easy ways. But no, they normally do a very good job.”

The Brit scored a better position, and points, than his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. When asked about how he is going strength to strength, even though there have been issues and difficulties with the new car, rules and regulations, and making people around happy and proud for him he also had some words about the topic.

“I mean, I'm very happy with how I'm doing now. I shouldn’t be a bit surprised how well I've done the last couple of weekends and how I felt,” expressed Lando.

“But I'm understanding more and more about the car, it’s still a new car. It's not just for Daniel, it's not just for, for the people, it's same for everyone. There's a lot of things I've had to try and readjust to this year. And I feel like I'm getting there now with that, and therefore I feel like I can be more patient and qualifying like yesterday and the race last weekend. I'm just understanding things more. So it's still a learning process for me.

“I'm still learning a lot of things. It's not like, because I've been with McLaren I know everything and I know how everything works perfectly, is quite the opposite. It's been a new car from your side as you set up your new everything. So in some ways, it's still like a new, a new fresh start a new team and after I reassess how I drive the car in some ways, and I can't drive how I want how I want to in many ways.

Changes in the car have been affecting not only him and Ricciardo but also other drivers as well, as he mentioned. Norris noted difference of performance with Charles Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz: “You know how Charles has done much better this year, when Carlos Carlos beat him last year. And this year just to collect Charles is in a much more comfortable position.”

Lastly, Norris highlighted that he is only now getting to know the new car better and understanding it.

“So there's quite a few changes this year with the car and I think you're you're seeing that evidently with drivers said he's shooting more and more people than others. But it also takes time for everyone to understand all these things and I feel only like now so far into the season on 6 or so races whatever it is that I'm finally coming to terms with understanding.”

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