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F1 | Binotto on "strange decisions" to delay the race start in Monaco, Horner expects a "review" of it

It seems like the decision to delay race start in Monaco still echoes as a slightly controversial one. What did the teams had to say about it?

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F1 | Binotto on "strange decisions" to delay the race start in Monaco, Horner expects a "review" of it
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2022 Monaco GP was probably the most eventful in a long time. With Checo Perez securing a win after a bad strategy from Ferrari, that seen Leclerc drop from P1 to P4, the actual race wasn’t as crazy compared to….the race start.

And by race start, we mean the big delay caused by a downpour just as the teams were preparing on the grid. Some seemed more prepared than others, as there was a lot of chaos happening regarding tyres. 

Monaco being traditionally small and narrow, it seemed like a struggle for certain teams to get what they needed on grid and there was a lot of back and forth between the pitlane and the grid. What did the teams had to say in regards to the delayed start procedure? 

When asked after the race, about what he thought of FIA’s management of the start, Christian Horner, the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing said: ”I think that needs a little bit of a review, because it was a little chaotic with tyres coming on the grid, off the grid.

“It’s a busy enough grid here and its always a little dangerous to try and pre-empt the weather. You can argue it both ways: you could say we’d be better starting the race than reacting to the downpour and either putting the safety car out or stopping the race, but I think it needs a little bit of a review after this weekend.”

He added afterwards, in regards to the handling by FIA: “I think that you know, obviously, there has been change. The race control are doing the best job they can and there are certain things that are a bit clearer this year.”

It seemed that others on the top of the standings seemed to echo Horner’s sentiment. Asked about the “strange decisions” made by race control, Mattia Binotto, the Team Principal of Ferrari, said: “You put it yourself: “strange decisions”, but I can only say that we were (one of the) teams that were fully prepared on the grid. 

“We had our extreme wet tyres fitted on the cars on time and I think at that time we were certainly in a strong position, good for the team, to show that at least we were organised, showing that we’ve got some great capacity as well and that sometimes we’re taking the right decisions, but unfortunately the race control decided to postpone furthermore the start if the race. Now, why this decision? Not clear to me, I think we should ask them for the reason.”

It appears that the confusion in regards to the start still remains, will we get any clarification about it? 

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