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F1 | Drivers shocked to see Schumacher chassis split after massive Monaco crash

After the big crash that saw Mick Schumacher’s Haas split in two and end up in the barriers last racing weekend in Monaco, drivers shared their concern.

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F1 | Drivers shocked to see Schumacher chassis split after massive Monaco crash
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26 laps into the Monaco Grand Prix Mick Schumacher lost control of the rear of his single seater - as he was chasing Zhou’s Alfa down the swimming pool chicane - and hit the Tecpro barrier with a force of impact that snapped the Haas in two.

A shocking crash that luckily saw Mick walk away uninjured and certainly raised concern among other drivers.

“It looked like a pretty big one, I was glad he was actually ok,” said Zhou at the end of the race.

“I haven’t really looked at exactly what happened, all I saw was the car, it was in two pieces.”

The aftermath looked “quite scary, but it shows how much safety has improved in Formula One and in general in motorsports.”

Schumacher’s crash wasn’t the first to occur during the weekend, including one that saw Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren ending up in the same spot during FP2.

“Not surprised in a way just because it was so tricky for everyone […] it was a tough day in the office for everyone,” explained Zhou.

What actually surprised him was the way the race control handled things, as at first only a virtual safety car was deployed. Later on it was switched to a full safety and ultimately the race was red flagged to allow repairments to be made on the disrupted barriers.

“I was quite surprised to be honest, I think it should have been ideally a safety car straight away, just because even thought he is ok it was a pretty big incident and the barriers were damaged and if somebody else lost it, it was not very safe,” he said.

“I was thinking they should have had a red flag or a safety car much earlier.”

In front of the shocking images of the tore down VF-22 Tsunoda, Stroll and Bottas were relieved to hear that Mick was ok, with the Finn commenting that “it’s always weird when you see a car in two halves. It’s not how it’s supposed to look but the main thing is he’s okay.”

While that’s what Sebastian Vettel had to say when asked whether he was shocked to see the car: “Yeah, I was and I was happy to hear on the radio that he was fine before I got to the incident.”

"It is easy to get it wrong so quickly. I don't know exactly what happened to him, I haven't seen it, but the main thing is he is okay.”

"There is no doubt he is capable of doing a lot more of what he is showing at the moment, but I think you guys need to give him a bit of a break," he added referring to the medias.

Alonso and Albon, on the other end, agree that it is something F1 can look into and learn from.

However, if Albon believes the split Haas “reminds you how big the energies that we have are,” Fernando Alonso also mentioned the role the added weight of these ground effect cars must have played in such a “massive accident.”

 “I remember also seeing the Jeddah accident and again the car is splint in two, the gearbox was not in the chassis and again today,” he said.

“Luckily he is ok, but big big accident so hopefully we can learn something from today as well.”

“I don’t think it’s a car issue, it’s just how hard you hit. With these cars, they are very heavy, more than 800kg, so the inertia you go into the wall is a lot higher than in the past. As I said, probably we learned something from today as well.”

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