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F1 | Canadian GP | What do the drivers think about the FIA's new porpoising-related regulations?

We spoke with both AlphaTauri and Haas drivers about their thoughts on the new FIA regulations in order to try and reduce the porpoising on these 2022 cars. This is what they told us.

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F1 | Canadian GP | What do the drivers think about the FIA's new porpoising-related regulations?
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As we already know and have mentioned a few pieces ago, the FIA ​​has implemented new regulations to ensure that the bouncing of the teams' cars is more controlled. In Baku we could see a very sore Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race, however, many other drivers have also confirmed that it has been very hard for them to face this effect that the 2022 Formula 1 cars have, as was the case with Kevin Magnussen and Pierre Gasly. As a short summary, the FIA ​​has decided to intervene on this issue as specialists have confirmed that the effect of porpoising on the drivers' spine can be very damaging. This is why the FIA ​​has decided to impose an oscillation limit on single-seaters, and the team that exceeds it will have to change the set-up of its car. If the team refuses or by changing the set-up, the car continues to exceed the limit (such limit will be announced before the third free practice of the Canadian Grand Prix), the FIA ​​will have every right to disqualify that car due to safety reasons. The drivers have been quite happy about this decision, these are some comments we were able to hear from them inside the paddock.

“I’m happy they took it seriously and took measures as fast as possible. At the end of the day, we are the ones in the car having to deal with all these impacts, pains that it [the bouncing] creates in our back. Happy they [the FIA] understood the message and reacted quickly.” Commented the French AlphaTauri driver, Pierre Gasly, who also affirmed that he felt some pain after the race but recovered with physiotherapy sessions. “My back was hurting. I’m still feeling tight. If we want to go forward, we clearly need to find solutions for the best of all drivers. Last year I had also physio sessions but they were normally to prevent anything and release all the pressure.”

“I’m just happy that they understood that this [the bouncing] is a serious topic for all of us. We’re not here just to complain. We’re all trying to push it [the sport] forward.”

Gasly is happy since his body also suffered from this effect that single-seaters have. However, his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda, was unbiased as he commented that he has not felt any detrimental effect on his body thanks to the bouncing of his car.

“For me, I didn’t feel that. Either way it was ok for me to be honest.”

“Hopefully we’ll find the solution but not compromising our performance.” The Japanese stated.



Similarly, Yuki said that if he was given a choice between finishing P4 with a lot of porpoising or finishing in a worse position, but without this effect, he would easily choose the optimal result. We know that Yuki is a driver who demands too much, and even more so if he comments that he does not feel any negative effects on his body.

Similarly, the drivers of the Haas team have declared themselves in favour of these new regulations announced by the FIA.

“That’s kind of why they’re there, it’s part of their job to step in because we can’t leave it up to the teams. Teams are always going to do what’s best for them, which is natural. So that’s why the FIA is there, to step in as the grown up and make sure things are right.” The Danish driver affirmed.

For his part, the German driver and K-Mag teammate commented: “The problem with it is that with that porpoising and bouncing we experienced with those heavy bumps that we have on the straight, you lack the possibility to recover [from back health problems]. So it’s definitely something that they will have to have a look at. And I’m sure the FIA and Formula 1 are doing their best to try and stop it.” The German driver stated.

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