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F1 | Canadian GP | Sainz feeling more confident after Canada: "I think I can say I was the fastest on track"

Carlos Sainz feeling confident after being the fastest man during the weekend facing the rest of the 2022 season.

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F1 | Canadian GP |  Sainz feeling more confident after Canada: "I think I can say I was the fastest on track"
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After the Canadian GP, Carlos Sainz was asked about the pace of the car behind Max Verstappen and whether the DRS was the only thing that would keep him within reach of the Dutch driver.

Sainz, referring to the DRS, replied: “I mean, without the DRS it's impossible, because the DRS still affects you quite a lot, especially on this circuit where you can't do different lines. It's all chicanes where you have nowhere to put the front wing to avoid understeer and overheating of the tyres.”

The Spanish driver, also assured that he felt happy and confident and that as soon as the DRS was opened, he was able to cool the tyres and recover the battery to get closer to Verstappen: “But, even so, I was happy and confident to be in the dirty air and I managed to stay even in the overheating, 16 laps in DRS. I was able to close, I think on the third lap, as soon as the DRS opened up, and it was all about cooling the tyres, and recovering the battery to try to really drain by catching him.”

Likewise, the Madrid native was happy to have been the fastest man on track, in the midst of a very eventful season for the number 55 on the grid.

Sainz said he was more confident and hopeful for the remainder of the season, he also mentioned the Maranello team was faster than the Austrian-owned one: "But compared to a Red Bull today, we were faster, I think the whole race. It's the first time this season that I think I can say I was the fastest man on track, which gives me some confidence and hope for the next races. But two or three tenths is not enough to pass a Red Bull, you need more like five, six tenths of a delta of pace if you really want to have any chance of passing Max.”

He was then queried on how he feels in terms of confidence in the car after a difficult start to the season, and whether he feels capable of being with Verstappen and Leclerc from now on.

The Spanish driver responded by assuring that right now he doesn't want to focus on the championship, but on getting good performance and comfort inside the car. "Well, I hope so, but as I said a few races ago, I want to take it a little bit more race by race, you know, without thinking too much about the championship or anything like that. I really want to focus on getting to a track and seeing if I can be in a good window of performance and comfort inside the car."

The Ferrari driver added that he felt very comfortable from FP1 and that all weekend he went flat out without fear of losing the car. Sainz also mentioned that the car has had good progress and adjustments for his comfort and added that to keep improving he needs more time and different circuits. "And good progress is also being made... we've changed some things on the car to try to... make it a little bit more to my liking, and it seems to be working. But at the same time, I think I need more circuits, I need more different types of corners to get a proper feel."

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