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F1 | Wolff talks porpoising and bouncing as he says "playing politics" doesn't consider what's really important on the topic

Mercedes' Team Principal talks about W13's bouncing problem as he points out that "playing politics" on the porpoising topic is prejudicial for everyone.

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F1 | Wolff talks porpoising and bouncing as he says "playing politics" doesn't consider what's really important on the topic
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Porpoising and bouncing have been discussed a lot this year in F1 with the new regulations bringing them into the spotlight and with this, the team that’s struggling more with it as the W13 proves to be a difficult challenger to tame, and as Lewis Hamilton faced in two weeks both the race where he struggled the most with the bouncing and the race where he ended the happiest so far in the season.

Toto Wolff spoke to MotorLAT and other media outlets and explained how this “phenomenon” is treating the World Champion Team, after facing Canada and now prior to the race in Silverstone.

“What we've seen is that the bouncing has been greatly reduced and I think the drivers have kind of got on with it.

"I think in a way we have dissected what we define as porpoising or bouncing, and it is that the porpoising, which is the aerodynamic movement of the car, I think that's solved and we got on top of this around Barcelona," he explained.

"It is more that the ride of the cars is really what causes the comments of the drivers. The cars are simply all too stiff. The kerb ride is bad, the bump ride is bad and I would say that now, with dissecting this problem, you can tackle it better.

“What we see in the car is just a stiffness. You look at some of these slow motions from the leading cars and the Alpines and you see they're bouncing in a very hard way and that's why the drivers actually complain.

“And there's something there that we have to look at how to reduce that impact. Of course, the smoother the track, the better. The lower the kerbs, the less we see this phenomenon.”

With the drivers suffering and therefore a Technical Directive imposed by the FIA on the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix that has not made all of the teams happy, politics have started to play a role on the topic. Wolff assures that: “the political maneuvering that has been going on doesn’t consider what is at the core of this topic.

“The core of this topic is that, since the beginning of the season, race drivers have been complaining about pain when driving these cars. It’s back pain, blurred vision, we’re talking about micro concussions.

“I think just from Alfa Romeo and Williams I haven’t heard anything, in all the other teams drivers have referred to the topic. And this is something we really need to tackle, whatever the solution is.

"It's on all of us Team Principals and Teams to not take this lightly."

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