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F1 | Hamilton: Mercedes to be "more cautious" when it comes to set-up experiments now

Hamilton believes the team will now be more wary when it comes to set-up experiments.

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F1 | Hamilton: Mercedes to be "more cautious" when it comes to set-up experiments now
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This season so far is definitely not an easy one for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. The team constantly struggles with hardcore porpoising and bouncing and even when it seems that they’re able to get on top of these issues, it comes biting back again. These problems were particularly difficult during the GP in Baku, which left Hamilton with some bad bruising and headaches. 

But the porpoising and bouncing are not the only issues for Mercedes. In order to unlock more performance, the team opted for some set-up experiments during practice at the Canadian GP.

It is usually Lewis Hamilton who takes part in these experiments as the more experienced driver in the team, as his teammate George Russell is currently driving only his fourth full season in F1. Hamilton has said that during the Friday practice he was set to run “something relatively extreme” as a part of his experimental role, but later summed it up as a “disaster”. 

After finishing 3rd in the race and matching his best result in 2022 so far, Hamilton hopes that the team will be more cautious when it comes to these experiments, to avoid hindering his race weekend too much.

As he said during the conference: “Moving forward, I think we'll be a little bit more cautious on doing too many experiments as it really does hinder you through the weekend, especially if you only have practice one and two in the dry and don't get a FP3, for example.

“There are lots of learnings from this weekend and improvements that we can make moving forwards.

“But you know, [there was] really great pace on Sunday, and it's so nice to see, it’s not always been the case I've had with this car so it's nice to have a bit of a good battle with her today - her or him, whatever you call a car.”

Hamilton enters his home race weekend at Silverstone with hopes that he can soon have a real fight with the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari in the front of the grid. As he said: “I just want to be in a battle with these guys. 

“At the end there when the safety car came in and we started again, the dream was if I can keep in that battle with them and find a way, but they were rapid. But we will get there eventually.”

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