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F1 | Aston Martin, an updated AMR22 in Silverstone to try and move up the pecking order

Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack talks the new updates the team will bring to home race in Silverstone next weekend.

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F1 | Aston Martin, an updated AMR22 in Silverstone to try and move up the pecking order
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After kicking off the season in the worst way, Aston Martin seems to have found better form, managing to finish inside the top ten in the last couple of races.

The turning point was undoubtedly the upgrade package the team brought to the Spanish Grand Prix back in May, one that recalled the sidepod design of Red Bull’s RB18.

“We had that upgrade for Barcelona, but you will recall in Barcelona that we were also lacking pace, very clearly, and the car has not changed,” Krack told media in a session where MotorLat was present.

“We have a combination of a car that is certainly better, but also tracks that helped us be a bit more competitive than we maybe would have been had there been three races at a Barcelona-like track.”

At Aston, however, they are aware other packages will be needed in order to keep up with the rest of the midfield and will be introducing new developments next weekend in Silverstone.

“We need to keep our feet on the ground. We know that we need to bring updates for these kind of tracks that are now coming, and that is also why we elected to do it like that,” he said.

“I think we have to update the car to be able to stay competitive, because we know also everyone will have updates at Silverstone.”

Updates that make the Team Principal hopeful for Silverstone despite the circuit being similar to the one in Barcelona.

“If we would not update the car, yes. I would confirm it,” he replied when asked whether he expected it to be a difficult weekend.

“But as I said, we will bring updates and then it depends obviously on how much do we improve compared to how others are improving.”

“We worked our ways, we have found a little bit bigger packages, smaller packages, and according to how the races are coming, identifying also the weaknesses of the car in Barcelona.”

Development seems to be headed in the right direction, nonetheless there is still some learning to do to improve and maximize the AMR22.

“I think each time you run it you learn more because each track is different, also the porpoising issues you are having, the different circuits and the different inputs,” explained Krack.

“But it’s sure we have learned a lot because it’s now easier to run kerbs. we are more comfortable, we have more grip.”

“We have learned a lot, but I think it would be ambitious to say we’ve learned everything.”

Currently Aston is 8th in the Constructor Standings with 16 points, but Krack believes it wouldn’t be too difficult to climb up at the top of the midfield with Alpine.

“You have to look at how tight the midfield is, you don’t need a big step to make up a lot of positions.” 

“This was a little bit different in the past, when you had really low positions and there were big differences between the cars. But in Baku, I think in FP3, between P5 and P15 there was 0.4-something seconds.”

“If you manage to be in front of that group, the points that you score are much, much more than if you lack those two-three tenths that you need for it.

“So that is also why we cannot just say we look at the new car. We have to get to the front of this group, and then it is easier to fight for points because we can’t terminate a year where we started it.”

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