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F1 | British GP | Red Bull dominates FP3, Mercedes split the Ferraris

Max Verstappen claims P1 in the last free practice session at Silverstone, followed closely by Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc. 

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F1 | British GP | Red Bull dominates FP3, Mercedes split the Ferraris
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The last free practice session of the British GP seen Max Verstappen on P1, wit the time of 1:27.901s, followed by his teammate Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc, with the times of 1:28.311s and 1:28.348s respectively. The rest of the drivers who completed the Top 10 were: Russell, Hamilton, Sainz, Norris, Bottas, Schumacher and Alonso on P10. 

FP3 started dry, as in opposition to the other free practice sessions we’ve had so far. With the  track temperature of 25C and 17C, we’ve had a 30% chance of rain in FP3, and quite strong wind characteristic to Silverstone. 

The start of the session seen many drivers head to to the track immediately, due to the limited run in dry yesterday. The first drivers on track were: Stroll, Vettel, Schumacher, Magnussen, Ocon and Tsunoda. After the initial opening lap, a few drivers went back to the pit. Soon enough the McLarens and Ferraris found their way onto the track. 

First ten minutes in had seen Charles Leclerc on P1 with the time of 1:29.452s followed by his teammate Sainz, two Alfa Romeos, two McLarens and two Alpines. During this stage of the session Verstappen and the Williams cars were still in pits, and the Mercedes just ventured for their out laps. 

20 minutes in the session the grid started to shuffle a bit. When it comes to the split-by-sector times, it was Leclerc ruling sector one and two, and Perez dominating in sector three. At this point, we’ve had Leclerc on P1, followed by Sergio Perez from Red Bull. The Mexican was followed by the Mercedes duo of Russell an Hamilton. Soon enough Verstappen joined the pack on the front and replaced Leclerc on P1. A message from team radio warned the Ferrari drivers and the audience that rain was expected in the next 15 minutes of the session (so around that half hour in mark), followed by a message from Mercedes that they do not expect any rain soon. We love contradictory team messages, which is pretty much a standard. 

Ferrari power units are looking quite strong, considering Ferrari P2 & P3, Zhou P8, Schumacher P9. Bottas P10 and Magnussen P11. That is definitely a good sign for Haas, considering their latest successes of getting into Q2 and Q3 in qualifying. 

Half an hour down on the clock and the top 10 was: Verstappen with the time of 1:28.498s on P1, followed by Hamilton, Leclerc, Sainz, Russell, Perez, Alonso, Zhou, Schumacher and Stroll. Interestingly, some bubbling (of the paint) was spotted on the rear of Kevin Magnussen’s car, which could potentially mean overheating of the power unit. At that point of the session Magnussen was P13. 

20 minutes left on the clock before the end of FP3 and there hasn’t been much shuffling when it came to the leaderboard. It appears that during this weekend, Mercedes was able to conquer a bit the issues with porpoising, something that the Ferrari cars still seem to be struggling a lot with. So far, despite a few drops here and there, there wasn’t any proper rain showering down. 

15 minutes before the end of the session, it was still Verstappen on P1 with 1:27.901s, which made him the first driver this weekend to enter the 1:27’s mark. Followed by Leclerc, Hamilton, Russell and Sainz, these drivers completed the top 5 of the session at that point. 

The drivers managed to keep it clean in this session, with no incidents or yellow flags during it. A few drivers had minor mishaps, but were able to keep their cars on the track and continue with their sessions without issues. 

The final classification after the last free practice session at Silverstone: 

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