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F1 | British GP | Charles Leclerc on P4: ”A rollercoaster of a race.”

The Ferrari driver is extremely disappointed in the outcome of his race as after being in the lead in spite of his damaged car, he had to surrender P1 to Sainz, and  not even  the beautiful move completed on Hamilton can cheer him up.

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F1 | British GP | Charles Leclerc on P4: ”A rollercoaster of a race.”
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The Monegasque driver ran for most of the race in between podium positions, but had to concede in the end to Perez and Hamilton, in spite of a magnificent move on the outside at Corpse completed on the latter.

After the race, Leclerc was seen in deep talks with his Team Principal Mattia Binotto, who appeared to not be completely pleased. However, the Ferrari driver explained in a post race press conference that the Swiss was rather comforting him, as Leclerc himself was left unsatisfied.

"Nothing, I didn't say much. It was more Mattia that tried to cheer me up because I was very disappointed, that's it."

His performance is even more impressive because he had been suffering from rear wing damage since the beginning of the race, after making contact with Perez at the restart.

"The disappointment for me is big today, it has been a rollercoaster of a race. In the first lap I broke the front wing, and I thought that it was over."

"Then I managed to play around with my toggles and to harden a bit more the front, to get a stronger front, and the pace came back and we were very strong."

The move helped him recover and improve his pace, allowing him to catch up with his teammate and then leading the race.

"The win was feeling more and more possible, then obviously the safety car and that was it, so..."

A key moment of the British afternoon was when a safety car was issued on Lap 38 due to a fuel pump issue suffered by Ocon while the Monegasque was leading. Everyone on track bar Leclerc and Magnussen changed tyres, with the former forced to return the race lead to Sainz and ending his race in P4.

Leclerc didn't want to comment on not pitting as he needed to speak with the team first.

“I don’t want to comment now, I want to discuss it and have the full view with the team what the reason was,” he said.

“Obviously I felt personally I was very strong in the first part of the race and that I lost a little bit of time - whether this would have changed the end result, I don’t think it would have, but just for the future we need to check everything.”

Asked if pitting could have had a more positive impact on his race, he was unsure: "I don't know yet." He hadn't noticed that he was the only one left out, "because it was very late and the team said to stay out, so I can't come in obviously if we are not aligned on that.

After two wins in the first three rounds, the Ferrari driver suffered from engine reliability issues, having to retire the car from the lead in both Barcelona and Baku, losing the championship lead. This has obviously taken a toll on Leclerc's mental shape, but he always tries to do his best on track.

"Well, it's not good. But I have to say that I feel like I'm showing at every race that it is not affecting me that much, but I would rather not have this problems."

Leclerc also recalled the pass he made on Hamilton

"It was quite on the limit, but I had to be on the limit to try and keep my position, which I did. I don't think I could have done much better than that. It was fun, but on the other hand very frustrating."

"I had to, I was on used tyres and all of this was very tricky, so I just had to use everything that was possible, I was always checking that Lewis was a bit behind at the apex to remember the rule, you know? I tried to do my best."

The move happened at Copse, the exact same turn where last year Verstappen and Hamilton collided ending the Dutchman's race with a very strong hit to the wall.

"As soon as I passed the corner I looked in the mirror and had a flashback of last year, but luckily nothing like that happened."

Leclerc also spared some compliments for his teammate Carlos Sainz's first ever race win, in spite of his disappointment in missing out on such an important chance to reduce the gap to Verstappen.

"Of course, and I think this is an important point. As much as I am disappointed today on my side, I don't think this should take the headline on what is an amazing first win for Carlos. It's a dream come true I think when you're a child you dream of this moment, especially with Ferrari."

"He needs to enjoy his day and hopefully next time it will be my day."

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