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F1 | Austrian GP | Alonso on the technical problem that didn't allow him to take part to the sprint race: "The car didn't start, it was all off"

Alonso had a technical problem before the formation lap and was unable to compete in the sprint race. Tomorrow he will start 20th in the race, while Ocon said he's pretty happy with the performance and will start from the 6th position

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F1 | Austrian GP | Alonso on the technical problem that didn't allow him to take part to the sprint race: "The car didn't start,  it was all off"
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A bitter result for Alpine today, with Ocon who managed to maintain the sixth position gained yesterday in qualifying - despite having suffered problems in the final lap of the Sprint Race, stopping right after the finish line - but that did not see, at all, Fernando Alonso on track.

A few minutes before the start of the Sprint Race, the Spaniard's car had a technical problem, the mechanics left the tyre blankets on his Alpine, and after everyone overtook him for the formation lap, they brought the car back into the pits.

Alonso would’ve had to start from the pit lane, but he didn't, due to an issue that - as he explained – they are not sure yet what that was about:

“The car didn't start. I ran out of battery or something, it was all off," he said.

"Five minutes before the start we had full blackout in the car and we could not switch on the car," Alonso added.

"We tried to fire up with an external battery, but it didn't work either, so there is something bigger going on there and let's try to fix it for tomorrow.

"Because they weren't lining up in the starting grid, we tried to be ready, but it didn't work with the second battery either so as I said, there is something bigger going on."

Alonso will start from the back row in tomorrow's race, which certainly puts him in a very disadvantaged place. He will have to recover many positions and it will certainly not be an easy comeback.

"Yeah, it's over. Weekend over in general, because as we saw here, there are trains of cars and you cannot pass.

"It's going to be frustrating with the DRS trains and things like that. So we will try to be creative with the strategy and try to get lucky maybe with safety cars or something.

"So let's see, but I think it's going to be a very, very long race behind many cars," he concluded.

On the other hand, right after the race Ocon commented his race like this: "It was a good race, we've had two good days so far, so I'm pretty plesed with the performance.
"We managed to pu a little bit of a gap on the Haas, that was quite solid and you know, we couldn't catch - unfotunately - the Mercedes in front, George was too fast for us. I'm pretty happy with the balance of the car, even if last week I had to retire.

"We sat nicely in between, you know it was quite of a boring race, but at one point I still had to cover from Kevin [Magnussen], but after that it was nice."

Then he spoke of the issue that his car suffered right after the finish line: "We had an issue, I don't know exactly what it is, I felt the car hesitating a bit in the in lap and after turn 1 it shut down completely. Hopefully it's not too big of an issue, I need to go to the garage to understand what it is".

"I don't know what happened to Fernando either. Not nice to hear that he couldn't start the race, obviously there were some good points on the table today, and hopefully we can come back stronger in the race tomorrow. For now reliability is not an easy thig for anybody at the moment."

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