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F1 | French GP | Lewis Hamilton positive ahead of his 300th GP start at Le Castellet

On the weekend of his 300th Grand Prix starts, the Brit talks to the media and remarks how Mercedes is positive about the changes improving the performance on the W13.

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F1 | French GP | Lewis Hamilton positive ahead of his 300th GP start at Le Castellet
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As the second half of the season starts in France with this weekend’s race at Paul Ricard, the drivers talked at the press conference of Thursday's media day in Le Castellet, and seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton is set to make his 300th GP start on Sunday, being asked about this milestone as the Brit becomes only the sixth driver to achieve it, he said:

“I didn't even know that. It doesn't make any difference? I feel great.”

And as with a tough first half of the season for the thirty-seven-year-old, inside Mercedes, they believe they are improving with every step into the season’s calendar, as Lewis Hamilton remains positive on the weekend ahead for the World-Champion-Team.

“Well, every weekend we are hoping to improve for sure. And I really don't know what to expect this weekend. We have things that we're trying to… We're constantly making changes to the car, the aero forces, and everything like that.”

“So I'm hoping that we discover something this weekend that helps us creep a little bit further forward. But in general, this has been a decent race for us. So I hope it’s the same this weekend.”

Asked by MotorLat how the consistency of three consecutive podiums is fueling Hamilton to face this second half of the season, the Mercedes driver assured: “It's been really positive”.

“I was saying earlier, and bit by bit you're getting a little bit more comfortable in the car. And also with the direction where you set the car up… where you position the car, what the car will accept?”

“Obviously it bit me in the last race with the crash in qualifying but otherwise, as I said, we're constantly adding performance, we're constantly progressing forwards and there's a lot to come in the next races.”

“So I'm excited about that and as I said, in the last race we were only a few tenths off the lead guys in qualifying so I think slowly we're getting closer. The gap may be bigger in some tracks, who knows, but… in the last race, I was seeing it on TV, as I said, the battle up ahead, I hope that I get to be a bit more in the battle sometime soon,” he concluded.

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