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F1 | Hungarian GP | Leclerc has turned a page on France error: No point "dwelling on my mistake or staying in the past"

Speaking to media on Thursday in Hungary, Charles Leclerc remained optimistic on his title chances.

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Leclerc has turned a page on France error: No point "dwelling on my mistake or staying in the past"
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Last Sunday’s French Grand Prix was a heartbreaker for Charles Leclerc as he crashed out of the lead when battling Max Verstappen for victory.

The Monegasque driver now sits 63 points off the Red Bull driver in the race for the title.

Leclerc is known to be very hard on himself after making mistakes but the 24-year-old had very much moved on during media day in Budapest.

“I need to [move on]. There’s nothing that will help me… dwelling on my mistake or staying in the past. I did that mistake; it cost me loads of points. I am aware of it and that’s it.

“Now I just need to move on, focus 100% for this weekend, try to do the best I possibly can, try to win this race and then I’m sure it’ll go well.

Asked if he felt if the mistake was caused by extra pressure, the Monegasque denied that was the case.

“At the end, I had the real pressure before that, when Max was really [close] behind and then at that point Max had already moved to a non-optimal strategy, so I just had to push and focus on my own race, which I was doing.

“But obviously when you are fighting with the limits, sometimes mistakes can happen and I think this is the kind of mistake where I just went too far.”

Lando Norris had said post-race that there was a strong wind where Leclerc went off, stating he nearly did so himself. However, the Ferrari driver didn't want to blame external factors.

"I really hate to say ‘oh it’s the wind, oh it’s a bird’ or whatever. I think I’m driving the car ultimately and I did a mistake.

"Yes the conditions change a little bit every lap and that’s for everyone. It’s obviously more tricky whenever you are on the limit, but again, I think everybody’s on the limit."

Heading into this weekend, Leclerc is confident Ferrari will have a strong package but feels he needs to improve his own driving around the Hungarian venue.

“I think we’ll have a strong car. I think Paul Ricard and Budapest are two tracks where I struggled a bit more in the past personally.

“But Australia was also the case until this year and in the end I managed to have a great weekend. I hope this week I can also turn things around.”

And on the championship? “I will believe in it until the very end”.


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