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F1 | Hungarian GP | Magnussen on his compromised Hungarian GP following a wing change: “What can I do?”

Following a first lap incident with Daniel Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen received a black and orange flag which essentially ruined his race due to his forced early pit stop, the Dane discusses the incident and his subsequent pace issues

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F1 | Hungarian GP | Magnussen on his compromised Hungarian GP following a wing change: “What can I do?”
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Not for the first time in recent races, with the first instance taking place in Canada just a few weeks ago, Kevin Magnussen received a black and orange flag due to damage sustained as a result of first lap contact. In this incident, the fairly innocuous incident saw Magnussen make contact with the rear of Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren causing damage to the endplate of the Dane’s front wing.

The stewards, seeing the damage, showed Magnussen the black and orange flag, which requires the driver to pit for repairs. This early pit stop essentially ruined Magnussen’s Grand Prix, as the mostly incident free race left him little opportunity to regain his early time loss. 

When asked about the flag, Magnussen said: “I have no idea.

“I didn't feel anything. I hit one of the McLarens but not that hard and I was surprised to receive [the black and orange flags].

“I hope there was a hell of a lot of damage. For me, it is a little bit strange but what can I do.”

He went on to explain the incident which led to the damage, stating simply that there was no way he could have anticipated and avoided the collision.

“He [Ricciardo] just braked at the exit. I don't know what happened in front of him but he braked while we were on full throttle, so I couldn't anticipate that.”

Subsequently hurting his race even further, was the team’s decision to send Magnussen back out on hard tyres. The Haas driver admits he struggled to find pace on the hards as they were difficult to get into their temperature window, a problem shared by other hard tyre runners during the Grand Prix.

Magnussen also admits the team must work to understand their overall lack of race pace, as they were surprised having expected to perform better on Sunday than in qualifying on Saturday.

“Hards didn't work, couldn't switch them on so I was driving on cold tyres,” said Magnussen. “Then we swapped to medium which was a bit better but honestly the pace wasn't there in the race.       

“We will try to understand why but we were certainly stronger in qualifying. Actually, we thought it would be the opposite and we would be stronger in the race compared to qualifying.”

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