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F1 | Aston Martin, Krack: “we’ve already turned our attention to the AMR23”

Aston Martin’s Team Principal Mike Krack talks the team’s efforts to upgrade the AMR22 and the decision to concentrate most of the energies on the 2023 car.

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F1 | Aston Martin, Krack: “we’ve already turned our attention to the AMR23”
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Aston Martin’s season had started off in the worst way with the AMR22 visibly struggling to keep up with the rest of the midfield. So much that - despite the great effort the team has been putting in bringing upgrade packages – they only managed to score a total of 20 points in this first half of the season, meaning they will be heading to Spa after the summer break as second to last in the Standings, where only Williams has managed to do worse.

“We’ve made significant upgrades to the car throughout the first part of the season, but it’s all relative,” explained Team Principal Mike Krack.

“People assume the upgrades haven’t worked because we haven’t climbed up the competitive order, but the upgrades have worked – just not enough for us to catch up. It belies the amount of work that’s gone on at the factory and at the track to bring them to the car.”

“People don’t necessarily realise the amount of effort that goes into the design and the production of these parts – and the sheer intensity of the work we’re doing.”

Among the upgrades Aston has brought throughout the last few months the most significant one was introduced back in May at the Spanish Grand Prix.

A major update - which included new sidepods, floor, engine cover and modifications to the front suspension – that requested “an extraordinary effort from everyone in the team” in order to “deliver enough parts in time so both cars could run in the latest specification.”

The new design, however, had raised some eyebrows for the resemblance to the sidepods of the RB18.

“We’ve been wrongly accused of copying this season, and the new rear wing we brought to the Hungarian Grand Prix underlined our ability to innovate and steal a march on the opposition by coming up with ideas our rivals haven’t,” commented Krack.

“A lot of people think it’s easy to just design a new wing, build it and put it on the car. But if you look at the wing, or any of the upgrades we bring to the car, the way they’re engineered, optimised, and produced, it’s an art form.”

“Plus, you can’t just build one of them, you have to build three or four of the same specification to have enough for both cars and spares.”

At this point, explained Krack, the main focus of development is being switched to the 2023 season.

“Although we must continue to improve the performance of the AMR22 and we have a small group of people still working on it, we’ve already turned our attention to the AMR23.”

“Our focus has been on AMR23 for a while now because the car needs to perform right out of the box. A new season and new car represent the biggest opportunity to move ahead of our competitors.”

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