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F1 | Andreas Seidl on the differences between McLaren's qualifying and race pace

Andreas Seidl explained the differences between Qualy and race results and remains hopeful the team will overcome the problem.

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F1 | Andreas Seidl on the differences between McLaren's qualifying and race pace
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The 2022 season has not been easy to McLaren. Running 5th in the Constructors' Championship only four points behind Alpine, the British team has struggled to keep a consistent weekend between Qualifying and Race in terms of pace.

Andreas Seidl explained after the Hungarian Gp during an online media session including MotorLAT and other selected media that the good results the drivers usually have on one lap is because they manage to exploit the tyres at its maximum hiding the downforce deficit the car still has.

"I think in general if we compare our competitiveness in quali compared to the race, I guess in quali the deficits our car in the end still has to these top three cars. I would say mainly on the downforce side, obviously, you can mask quite a lot with the grip tyres are having on one lap in qualifying."

The race distance makes it difficult for them to hide their deficit and therefore both Norris and Ricciardo inevitably lose positions to their closest competitors.

"But then over the race distance the lack of performance or downforce is obviously eating into the tyres. And I guess that's why you then see the bigger gap over the race distance."

Seidl believes his team will overcome these difficulties and he already saw some progress going on from the French to the Hungarian Gp.

"In terms of race pace, I guess compared to Alpine for example, we were in good position. Definitely in a better position compared to the previous weekend…thanks to the upgrade that we brought to France, which we further optimised for here in terms of usage, thanks to the work the team has also put in in terms of learning from what we have seen in Paul Ricard, I guess we made a good step forward here.”

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