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F1 | Binotto concerned over Formula 1's ability to enforce cost cap, as Red Bull deny lighter chassis update at Spa

Mattia Binotto is doubtful that Formula 1 can effectively police it's cost cap. Red Bull are also on the verge of bringing a lighter chassis, potentially at the Singapore Grand Prix.

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F1 | Binotto concerned over Formula 1's ability to enforce cost cap, as Red Bull deny lighter chassis update at Spa
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Ferrari have voiced their concerns over the FIA’s ability to effectively control Formula 1’s budget cap.

Team principal Mattia Binotto said the cap was "a very green regulation", adding: "The number of people in the FIA monitoring it is very little.”

He said: "It has to improve for the future because it would be really bad if somehow a championship was dictated by a financial regulation and not technical or sporting.”

The Italian’s comments came in the light of speculation that Red Bull will introduce a considerably lighter for the upcoming races.

The Milton Keynes based squad are expected to present a 4kg lighter chassis as they relentlessly home in on the Constructors title and Max Verstappen’s second consecutive world championship.

The RB18B is likely to have it’s lighter chassis at the Singapore Grand Prix in three weeks time, although the upgrade could come sooner.

Red Bull have admitted numerous times this season that they have been working on reducing the weight of their car. The 4kg reduction would lower lap times by around 0.14 seconds.

Asked whether this was Red Bull's plan, team principal Christian Horner said: "No, there is no [lighter chassis]. These chassis will run for the next few races.”

And asked whether the team would stay within the budget cap this year, a spokesperson said: "Yes, we have had less upgrades than Ferrari and Mercedes.”

Asked about the governing body's monitoring budget cap procedures, an FIA spokesperson said: "The FIA is committed to robust monitoring processes and will continue to strengthen, develop and refine all areas of its activities in this new era of Formula 1.”

Binotto said: "I cannot know what they are doing, if they have a [lighter] chassis or not, but the budget cap is always a concern.

"The financial regulations can make differences between teams in the way they are interpreting and somehow executing it.

"And we know we need a very strong FIA to make sure they are properly focusing, otherwise the regulations will not be fair and equitable.

"Ferrari would never be capable of introducing a lightweight chassis or a different chassis through a season simply [because of the] budget cap and I would be very surprised if a team is capable of doing it.

"And if they are, it is back to the regulation itself - is it fair enough, is it equitable enough, is the policing sufficient?”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said: "We wouldn't be able to introduce a chassis at that stage of the season. We are massively overweight, which we haven't been able to sort out because we are trying parts on the car in order to solve our various issues, so can't afford that, full stop.

"So what was aimed for by introducing the cost cap absolutely hit the target. It is what they wanted to achieve. The big teams can't just throw money at it.”

The cost cap was brought in last year, it was set at $140m for 2022, but teams are now allowed to overspend by 3.5% because of rises in inflation.

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