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F1 | Dutch GP | Wolff about Hamilton's radio messages: "We're the trash bin, the vomit bag in the airplane"

After Lewis Hamilton’s team radio at the Dutch Grand Prix, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says Formula 1 teams are "vomit bags", "trash bin" for drivers and they must accept it.

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F1 | Dutch GP | Wolff about Hamilton's radio messages: "We're the trash bin, the vomit bag in the airplane"
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The late safety car in Zandvoort following Bottas’ Alfa Romeo stopping on the track, changed the game for Mercedes. Hamilton was leading, followed by his teammate George Russell and Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was behind them.

The situation suggested to take advantage of the position of Russell as a buffer between Hamilton and Verstappen, who had stopped for a set of fresh softs. But Mercedes opted for a different alternative: the team decided to also stop Russell for fresh softs, at the request of the younger Brit, leaving Hamilton out on old mediums and exposed to Verstappen.

As a matter of fact at the restart the Dutch driver overtook him and shortly after Russell did the same. This caused Hamilton's anger, who reacted against this team decision:

“I can’t believe you guys fucking screwed me, man,” he blasted over team radio. “I can’t tell you how pissed I am right now.”

Right after the race, the 7 times World Champion apologized for speaking to the team that way, as he said the emotions of the situation had got to him.

Also Wolff made it clear that there is no problem with Hamilton reaction. Teams on their side need to understand that it is inevitable drivers have to vent feelings when things go wrong.

“You get emotional, I do too in the race,” said Wolff to MotorLAT and other media outlets. “And when you're a driver in the car, it just comes out of you. You can't even stop it.

“We're the trash bin, the vomit bag in the airplane, and we're taking all that because we need to. This is how it has always been in a relationship between frustrated driver and the pit wall.”

The Mercedes Boss explained that after the race, as they ran through the strategy choices, things quickly settled down with Hamilton. Specifying that it is inevitable that when the team makes decisions about strategies that can benefit one driver more than the other, the one on the losing end will get upset.

“We have sat together; and we discussed the race strategy,” he said. “It was something that this morning we decided to take a risk.

“It really backfired for him. I think overall the circumstances, I think having Max behind him and things like that, that was totally unpleasant. But there's more positives to take. And this is what we have also chatted about: that the car is faster.”

“It is so tremendously difficult to really make the right judgement call and especially if you have two drivers that are competing against each other also there.

“We have had 10 years of this: one is going to be upset and the other one is going to be happy. And that's the swings that we need to, in a way, balance out and just acknowledge that the frustration on one side is always big.”

Speaking later about his feelings during the team radio, Hamilton explained it was just the heat of the moment because at that point he just realized he had lost a potential victory.

“I knew at that point I had lost it, before the restart, when I knew everyone behind me was on the soft tyre,” he said. “I knew that that was it. There was no way I was going to hold them behind me.

“I don’t apologise for my passion because that is how I am made, and I don’t always get it right. But I am sorry to my team for what I said, because it was in the heat of the moment.”

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