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F1 | Italian GP | Tsunoda on the conspiracy devised by the fans: "It's crazy, they need an MRI scan"

Yuki Tsunoda said that what happened in Zandvoort was a little bit confused situation, and then he added that he referred to the consipiracy created by the fans, by saying: "It's funny how they create these stories".

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F1 | Italian GP | Tsunoda on the conspiracy devised by the fans: "It's crazy, they need an MRI scan"
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Although Formula 1 has landed in Monza, in view of the highly awaited historic Italian Grand Prix, there are some outstanding issues concerning the last race in Zandvoort in the Netherlands, including the one concerning the Japanese driver of AlphaTauri, Yuki Tsunoda. Last week we witnessed a quite peculiar DNF of Pierre Gasly's young teammate, who, fearing that he had a tyre not attached properly to the car, parked his car on the side of the track, then took it to the pit lane, and then parked it again on the track afterwards, after a pit stop.

This unusual story aroused the curiosity of many fans and there was even talk of a plot that had benefited Vertappen, who would have benefited from the Virtual Safety Car caused by the Japanese driver, which allowed him to make a pit stop without losing positions.

"Well, it's funny that fans are really excited to always create the story," Tsunoda when asked about the matter on media day at Monza.

"Straight away, I felt some strange things at the rear part, which I thought first was the tyre. I got radio from the team to stop the car in a safe place at the side of the track. So I just stopped, and I nearly switched off as well.

"But I got told again from the team that we didn't find any issues. That's why we restarted, we fitted a new tyre, but I felt clearly that there was an issue again," he explained.

"I said to the team that there's definitely an issue. So that's why they said to stop. It's just a super simple fact that there was an issue in the car, and we confirmed there was a differential issue.

"Of course, the situation made it of course a little bit confused, but there's not any room to complain to the team, myself and also especially to Red Bull that it's such a, to be honest, crazy, crazy story.

"And I was also running in opportunity, a good place to score points. So yeah, there's not any reason to just help them."

Then he sparked the debate by saying: "I don't want to know and I don't care [what the fans think]. I want to actually ask how your brain looks like, scan the MRI and see what's wrong. It's funny how they create the story.

"Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri are completely different teams. Well, you know, it's not as [completely different] as the other teams but still, it's a different name.

"We're in Italy, they're in the UK. We perform in completely different fields," Tsunoda concluded.

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