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F1 | Italian GP | Verstappen wins in Monza under the Safety Car, behind him Leclerc 2nd and Russell 3rd

Verstappen recovers seven positions and wins the Italian Grand Prix demonstrating the Red Bull's strength. On the podium with him Leclerd and Russell.

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F1 | Italian GP | Verstappen wins in Monza under the Safety Car, behind him Leclerc 2nd and Russell 3rd
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Max Verstappen is a victory closer to become world champion for the second time, with a fantastic performance in Monza that didn’t left space for a fight, to anyone. Leclerc finished second behind the Dutchman and Russell conquered a super third position, while Sainz gained some very important points, climbing 11 positions and arriving 4th.

The race started with an unusual starting grid compared to the usual, decided after five hours after yesterday's qualifying.

Charles Leclerc started from pole position and George Russell immediately behind him gave him a hard time, threatening him on the outside, but immediately receiving a response from the Monegasque who was focused and managed to keep the first position. Extremely aggressive Verstappen immediately managed to recover three positions in the first lap, moving to fourth position and climbing to third, with an overtaking on Ricciardo, in the second lap.

Duel to the last breath between Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez on the second lap, after a lock-up for both of them, the Spaniard managed to overtake the Mexican driver and to climb to the 14th position.

Already on the fourth lap Max Verstappen seemed faster then the rest of the grid, confirming Red Bull's strategy of bringing a car with more downforce to the Italian circuit, compared to the rivals of Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz, helped by a different compound that seemed to work well on Ferrari this weekend, started a good comeback, moving into the points on lap six.

An interesting battle right from the start involved the two McLarens and Pierre Gasly, in a close fight for fourth place that immediately seemed the only possible goal for the rest of the grid, as the speed of Leclerc, Verstappen and George Russell in front it was out of the question.

8th lap and early pitstop for Sergio Perez, who had a problem with the right front wheel, but which had no impact on his race. Sainz meanwhile moved up to seventh position, confirming a very strong race pace for Ferrari.

Virtual Safety Car on lap 12, caused by Sebastian Vettel who had to park his Aston Martin on the side of the track due to a problem. Ferrari immediately took the opportunity to stop Leclerc - for an early pit stop – to put on medium tyres, while Red Bull decided to keep Verstappen out.

Between the nineteenth and twentieth laps many pit stops, while Max Verstappen and George Russell continued on track with an incredible race pace, despite the softer compound. The Englishman pitted on the 24th lap and put on hard tyres.

Verstappen went into the pits on teh 26th lap, putting on medium tyres, while on track a beautiful duel saw Hamiton overtaking Alonso and climbing to the 6th position.

After 31 laps on his medium tyres, Sainz went to the pits to mount the softer compound, while Alonso was forced to retire due to a technical problem. Leclerc did the same a few laps later, going on soft tyres to try and catch Verstappen.

On lap 41, Lance Stroll's Aston Martin was also forced to retire, signing a day to forget for the English team.

Two laps later Red Bull decided to stop Perez to go with soft tires after a long stint on hards. He dropped behind Hamilton and Norris to 7th.

Safety Car on lap 48 with Daniel Ricciardo who was forced to stop his McLaren due to a problem, Russell and Sainz took the opportunity to stop immediately in the pits, followed by other drivers - included Leclerc and Verstappen.

The race ended with the Safety Car on track.

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