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F1 | Binotto: Red Bull has been capable of developing their car for a better balance in races

Mattia Binotto explains Ferrari needs to understand where and when things went wrong for the Scuderia.

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F1 | Binotto: Red Bull has been capable of developing their car for a better balance in races
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The start to 2022 looked promising for Ferrari. The Italian outfit finally looked confident and strong. However, with the development of the season a chain of mistakes and misfortunes left the traditional Scuderia wondering about what, when and where did things go wrong.

Being 117 points behind in the drivers' championship standings and 139 in the constructors', little hope is left for the tifosi to celebrate a world championship this season after 14 years.

Verstappen´s last victory in Ferrari´s home soil left the Italians looking for answer as to understand what went fundamentally wrong.

Mattia Binotto who has been reluctant, earlier this season, to accept Ferrari needed to make changes in order to win the championship has recently spoken up about Ferrari´s decline through the year.

The team principal believes their struggles did not start after the summer break.

"I think we do not only look back at the previous two, but the last three because I would include as well Hungary," he said to MotorLAT and other media outlets.

Binotto points out race pace and tyre degradation as the main factors that hampered Ferrari´s pursue of the world championship.

"In the last races, I think that the performance of the Red Bull has been better than ours. Not in qualifying, because I see that in quali we have still got a good pace - so let me say the pure performance is still there but then with the race pace, we are suffering tyre degradation. In that respect, I think the Red Bull is a better car, so they've been capable of developing that car for a better balance that we didn't.”

Binotto believes it is important for the team to find the reason of their misfortunes not only for this season but also for the next one.

"The reason? I think it is something that we are looking at, because we need to address it. If not for this season, certainly for the next one."

Ferrari needs to work on their car´s balance to avoid degradation problems.

"If we look back at the last races, where in terms of tyre degradation we have not been the best, we certainly had issues with the car balance.

"Having an open balance, medium-high speed to low-speed corners, generated overheating into the tyres themselves, which somehow then brings to the degradation. So, we know that the car balance was not the right one.

Aero developments seem to be one of the question marks Ferrari need to answer.

"The reason of the poor car balance was due to aero developments that brought us there. It was a question mark for us."

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