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F1 | Red Bull: RB18 now suits Verstappen more than Perez, but it has nothing to do with its design

According to the team from Milton Keynes, the RB18 suits Verstappen better than Perez, but it has nothing to do with the design of the car. 

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F1 | Red Bull: RB18 now suits Verstappen more than Perez, but it has nothing to do with its design
Fuente imagen: Sara Habets for Motorlat.com

Although Red Bull seems to be having a phenomenal season this year, the beginning of it was a bit rocky for the team from Milton Keynes. They began the 2022 with an overweight car, which massively impacted their performance at the start. From there, they lightened it, which had an impact on set-up choices for the drivers and their overall confidence in the car. 

It appears Verstappen got a better hold of it, running now in a five race wins streak and dominating the championship, with a lead of 116 points over Leclerc, his teammate Sergio Perez didn't replicate this performance, and seems to struggle a big more in the car. 

Red Bull’s technical director Pierre Wache spoke about the development RB18 undergo this season 

As he said after Monza: “The weight is an aspect, for sure, but it’s part of the set-up of the car. At the beginning of the season, we didn’t have the possibility to move the weight. 

“I think it’s everything together and after you find your performance somewhere, and it’s a little bit more tricky to set up the car, it went in the favour of Max. I think he’s able to drive any car. Now we have to find a way to give a car for Sergio to be performing and to compete. But its a together aspect.

He added: “Every time difficult when you try to develop the car, theoretically, for the performance and after you’re stuck in terms of set-up tools to rebalance the car. Then it means that you will have to go down a little bit on performance to achieve the right counterbalance, the desired one.

“I would say normally you will lose it a bit of performance to make it [handle] better. Doesn’t mean it’s a lot. But it is this type of direction.”

But Wache reassures that the fact that the car “incidentally” suited the young Dutch more than Perez has nothing to do with the inherent design of the car. 

As he said: “When we develop the car, then you go for the best performance development. It is suiting more Max, but it was not the purpose of the development. It was more developing the car.”

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