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F1 l Fallows: What's happening at Aston Martin F1 right now feels very similar to what happened at Red Bull in the past

Technical director Dan Fallows says that Aston Matin, in it’s current state reminds him if of the early days of Red Bull Racing. 

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F1 l Fallows: What's happening at Aston Martin F1 right now feels very similar to what happened at Red Bull in the past
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Dan Fallows’ departure from his position as the Head of Aerodynamics at Red Bull Racing and his move to Aston Martin was definitely something that didn’t go unnoticed. As a result, a legal dispute occurred related to his starting date, after Red Bull planned to place him on gardening leave until the end of his contract in 2023. 

He left the position at Red Bull last year and began his new challenge with Aston Martin, who’s on a recruitment drive after the team was bought by Lawrence Stroll. The Canadian billionaire aims at turning the team into a front-runner in the next five years, recently signing a two-time world champion Fernando Alonso to help with that mission.

Fallows says that what is currently happening at Aston Martin reminds him of the early days of Red Bull Racing, before the team went on their championship winning spree. As he said during an interview for Aston Martin’s website: "One of the most exciting parts of the Red Bull journey was when the team evolved from Jaguar. A small team with a very limited budget suddenly had significantly more budget, more resource, and more technical strength right at the top of the organisation.

"Watching the team grow, being part of that growth, being part of the success, even making mistakes along the way and learning from them, it was incredibly exciting.

"What's happening at Aston Martin F1 right now feels very similar to what happened at Red Bull then."

Fallows explains that although he enjoyed the enormous success with Red Bull, where he played a crucial role in winning nice championship titles, he was looking for a new challenge. That challenge came with the opportunity of joining Aston Martin. As he said: "The most rewarding times in my career have been when I'm presented with a challenge, and I've gone on to overcome that challenge," 

"It's not just the challenge, though, it's the opportunity to be part of something that goes from being something modest to something spectacular. There's serious ambition at Aston Martin F1 – from Lawrence Stroll at the very top, right the way through the entire team.

"So, to be asked to join the team on its journey, but also given the resources that I have, is incredibly exciting. It's incredibly exciting when someone puts that level of faith in you, when they're essentially saying, 'here's a Formula 1 team, turn it into what you want, get the people you want, run it how you want, make it successful – make your mark.'

"I took on this challenge because I felt that things could be done differently. It's not about doing things the Red Bull way, or the Mercedes way, or the Ferrari way. It's about coming up with a better way – the Aston Martin way."

Lastly, during the interview Fallows touched upon the topic of Adrian Newey, and what he learned from the legendary engineer. As he said: “I learnt a huge amount from Adrian. We all know how talented he is as a designer but what people who haven't worked with him don't appreciate is just how modest he is from a technical perspective – there's no technical arrogance with him.

“He doesn't have a problem with letting go of an idea if evidence comes along that supports a different approach.

“Of course, you believe in your ideas and what you think is right but, if something or someone comes along with evidence that proves a different idea is better, you must never be afraid to change tack and do things differently – that's the key thing I learned from Adrian.”

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