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F1 | Horner sure the Max Verstappen of 2022 would have done everything the Verstappen of 2021 did

The Team Principal spoke to the podcast about the 2021 championship fight between Verstappen and Hamilton.

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F1 | Horner sure the Max Verstappen of 2022 would have done everything the Verstappen of 2021 did
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Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner spoke to F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast as the Milton Keynes-based team dominates at the top of the field passing midway the 2022 season. The Briton recalled the 2021 championship fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, as he was asked whether having won a championship and the matureness changed the Dutchman into a driver that would have done something different last year. Horner was clear: “No, I don't think so.”

“I think, the Max we have now it's just a slightly more polished version. But he's an attacking driver. And if I look at it, he's convinced that Silverstone, he left enough room.”

“I think that we put him in the situation in Monza, where he had a slow pit stop, that he should have never been anywhere near Lewis, but again, he felt that there was enough room in the move that he made.”

“Brazil, I mean, when you look at the advantage that Lewis had… the only car he couldn't pass for 30 off laps was Max. Every other car took him, a lap, or a lap and a half to pass, and for me, it was a tight drive by Max and you know, he's fighting for a World Championship, and he is the type of driver that gives it absolutely everything. And it was hard racing, but, it was fair racing.”

Speaking of the high tensions and emotions that the championship fight brought, the 48 years old explained the mind games played whilst the climax peaked at the 2021 season and how Max Verstappen, on his “underdog” role, played them better.

“I think arguably… maybe more so in Lewis's head”

“Because suddenly… he's the seven time world champion that has everything to lose, Max is the young kid that's taking the risks, that he’s throwing everything at it and got nothing to lose.”

“Some of his overtaking last year was stunning and you felt that, that started to rattle Lewis, I think, you know… definitely, after Lewis qualified on pole at Silverstone and Max won the sprint race, you saw Lewis was a bit broken after the sprint race.”

“And, you know, had Max made it through copse. I don't think they'd have seen him again that afternoon, there was an air of desperation building in as you know.”

“And yeah, it was high stake stuff and your emotions, you know, run high, but it probably affected Lewis arguably more than Max, because as I say, he had got more to lose than Max. Max had everything to to gain.”

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