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F1 | Aston Martin Technical Director Dan Fallows Believes AMR 23 Will Be A "Big Step Forward"

Aston Martin has "literally hundreds of projects on the go" according to technical director Dan Fallows to make next year's vehicle a significant upgrader over the underwhelming AMR22

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F1 | Aston Martin Technical Director Dan Fallows Believes AMR 23 Will Be A "Big Step Forward"
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Since the heady Racing Point days of 2020, when they finished fourth in the Constructors' Championship - and would have finished third but for a points penalty - Aston Martin has fallen from glory. 

Seventh last season has slipped to ninth this season with six races remaining, however that position might be improved because Aston Martin is currently maintaining their points total ticking over more frequently than Haas and AlphaTauri, whom they will be attempting to catch.

But, at this moment, developing a more competitive vehicle for 2023 must be the priority, especially with Fernando Alonso joining the team to replace the soon-to-retire Sebastian Vettel, whose demands are certain to be high.

Dan Fallows, the Aston Martin technical director who was previously with Red Bull, only joined the Silverstone-based team after the season was already far along, and the AMR23 will be their first vehicle over which he will have had significant influence from the start.

According to Fallows, "We believe it will be much more competitive than this year’s car, I’m confident we can make a big step forward with the AMR23."

He adds, "When I look around the car, there are areas of improvement absolutely everywhere. I mean, we have literally hundreds of projects on the go right now.

“In the aerodynamics department, in the design office, in R&D, throughout the team people are finding improvements, be it weight improvements, stiffness improvements, improved driver controls, better aerodynamics, a more stable car platform – it’s all going to bring performance to the car.”

Regarding Alonso's expected feedback, Fallows stressed that Aston Martin would not be surprised if a driver expressed dissatisfaction with components of the car.

Fallows continues, "We know Fernando will be vocal about problems with the car but that shouldn’t be anything new for the team,”

“In Sebastian [Vettel] and Lance [Stroll], we’ve had two drivers who are vocal about the car, provide plenty of feedback and tell us when they think things are wrong.

“I don’t know Fernando very well, so my knowledge of his driving style is based on what others have said. He has a reputation for very much driving by feel – he really likes to feel the limits of the car.

“If that’s the case, we need to make sure the platform of the car is predictable, stable, all the things we try to achieve with a car anyway, but it’s absolutely amplified with someone like Fernando.”

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