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F1 | Russell gutted for his contact with Schumacher, thinks Mercedes could have fought for victory

Neither George Russell nor Mick Schumacher managed to score points at the Singapore GP. The two drivers were disappointed with their performance and explained their perspective on the incident that caused a puncture to both in post-race interviews.

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F1 | Russell gutted for his contact with Schumacher, thinks Mercedes could have fought for victory
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Formula One returned to Singapore for the first time since 2019. The race was plentiful of events as a storm caused a delayed start and left the track extremely slippery.

George Russell had a frustrating weekend overall. On Saturday, during qualifying as he failed to make it into the top 10. Sunday he was forced to start the race from the pit lane after Mercedes fitted his W13 with a new power unit.

If this wasn’t enough, there were further setbacks to come, including a tangle with Mick Schumacher’s Haas which resulted in a puncture for both drivers.

“I think we had a car to win this weekend. We were very very fast and it is a shame how the weekend unfolded,” commented Russell during the post-race media pen.

The British driver was to the to gamble on swapping intermediates for dry tyres. Asked if the gamble had been worth it, Russell replied: “We were in no man’s land, to be honest, but potentially it was, because at the restart we were flying, overtook two or three people on one lap after the Safety Car.

Even tough the car’s pace was great, Russell’s race got ruined:

“Obviously I had the tangle with Mick. I don’t know what happened there, I felt like I left him plenty of space. We would have probably finished in the points because we were flying.

On the other hand, Mick Schumacher feels that he "signalled his intentions" during his incident with George Russell at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Russell attempted to overtake Schumacher at Turn 1 on Lap 40 of the race, but the two cars clashed and both were forced to make a pit-stop for a puncture.

This ultimately resulted in neither of them achieving points, with Schumacher bringing his Haas home in 13th position while Russell ended the day in the last classified position of 14th.

If, on the one hand, Russell said that he was "not too sure what happened" in the clash, Schumacher has suggested that he tried to make his intentions clear to the Mercedes driver on track.

"I think that we all know George has quite a bit of a faster car under his feet," Mick told media, after the race.

"In my view, I did signal my intentions of not wanting him to go by, because I felt like the conditions were too wet to try and overtake.

"I felt like I was on the dry line. He was trying to come back to the dry line but, obviously, that was taken by my car. Then we both had a puncture, or at least I had a puncture."

Had it not been for the incident – along with misfortune during the Safety Car periods – Schumacher believes that he could have scored strong points at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Haas are now behind Aston Martin in the battle for P7 in the championship as Stroll and Vettel secured 12 points on Sunday.

"I think points [were possible]," he explained. "Obviously, the big killer was the pit-stop and strategy-wise, but nobody can predict something like this.

The contact between the two wasn’t sanctioned as the stewards deemed no further action was required. When asked if he was surprised by this decision, Schumacher said: "I can't judge on that. I'm not a steward.

"I haven't seen it [from outside], so it's hard for me to judge exactly. I just know what happened in the car. But obviously, I want to analyse it from the outside to make sure that I have the right answer."

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