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F1 | Singapore GP | Mattia Binotto on the budget cap story involving Red Bull: "We can only wait and have trust in the work of the FIA”

Mattia Binotto talks about the weekend, Ferrari’s outcome and the struggle of the gp. 

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F1 | Singapore GP | Mattia Binotto on the budget cap story involving Red Bull: "We can only wait and have trust in the work of the FIA”
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After a difficult start of the weekend for the red cars, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz approached the race with a Pole Position and a 4th place, guaranteeing the real possibility to fight for the the podium. 

A dream that started to crumble quickly, after a start in which Leclerc lost his position to Checo Perez.

Mattia Binotto spoke about the Monegasque:

“What I regret is Charles’ start. The reaction time. He got off to a good start with the procedures and the use of the clutch. Later on he had wheelspin or less grip and ruined the rear tyres.”

And about the disastrous pit stop that followed during the race? 

He doesn’t think a perfect one would have irreversibly changed the outcome of the race, and has hope for future races. The team had the courage to risk, and it seems like Binotto is content with the decisions taken during the race. 

“The car was good, Charles was really good. We were the first, even compared to Red Bull, to have the courage to switch to dry tyres.

“We tried to change the outcome of a race that, by staying behind, it would have been difficult to pass.”

In the end, the victory went to Red Bull’s driver Checo Perez, that even with a five-second penalty got to keep his trophy. 

Binotto, spoke about the challenges of the situation and how it has influenced the race:

“At 2 different times, with 2 different safety cars, he made the same mistake and stayed too far away. We expect an immediate decision and we’re sorry it did not happen during the race.” 

“This has not only influenced the podium, it has influenced the whole race. Trying to push and overtake Perez has inevitably degraded his tyres, especially the front ones.”

“It is difficult for me to understand. From what I can imagine, they want to understand from the driver and the team why he acted that way, why he drove differently. They will have taken time to check and measure the distance between Checo Perez’s car and the Safety Car. Maybe, they didn’t want to rush a decision or make a mistake. They wanted to take time”

In the end, the Maranello based team went home with a second and third placed, hope and determination to continue to work hard.

“It’s still a second and third place. It has been a good weekend, positive.

“I’m disappointed because we have been looking for a result for a while. A win. We need one and I think we did well this weekend. We deserved it.” 

And what about all the budget-cap-drama?

Binotto seems to drop the discussion quickly, with one final comment:

“We can only wait and have trust in the work of the FIA”

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