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F1 | Pierre Gasly happy with FIA recommendations following Suzuka review: "We are risking our life, and we just want to be as safe as possible"

Pierre Gasly talked about the report of the Japanese GP incident and welcomed FIA quick response.

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F1 | Pierre Gasly happy with FIA recommendations following Suzuka review: "We are risking our life, and we just want to be as safe as possible"
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Last Japanese GP left a hot debate after a recovery vehicle entered the track before all drivers were lined up behind the safety car and under very poor visibility conditions.

Pierre Gasly was the most vocal about it after driving close to the vehicle while trying to catch up the queue. The Frenchman could be heard complaining on the radio was seen very agitated during the red flag period.

After studying the incident, the FIA issued a report containing further recommendations on what to do in these situations like communicating the presence of the recovery vehicles to all drivers and teams. The report also explained that there will be no rotation of race directors from now on.

Gasly, who received a reprimand for reckless driving and not respecting the basic safety rules, explained that he discussed the incident with FIA´s president.

“That's what I discussed with Mohammed after the race in Suzuka, that whatever happened there happened. And most important is just moving forward, that we make sure everybody is safe, whether it's in F1 or in the lower categories. And that's what they are they are working on.”

The French driver believes the report is good step forward in terms of security for F1 and other categories and praised the quick reaction to work on the incident.

“I think what they put in place is clearly good steps forward. I know we're going to discuss it at the drivers' briefing, and anything more we could do will be welcome. But I’m glad to see they worked on this matter very quickly, and came up with solutions already the race straight after that happened.”

Gasly believes it is important to minimize the risk for the drivers who risk their lives in these conditions adding that presence of the vehicles in the conditions the Japanese GP was being held can turn a safe track into a dangerous one.  

“At the end of the day, we are risking our life, and again we just want to be as safe as possible. There are always going to be risks driving these cars in these conditions at such speeds, but as long as we can minimise the risk. Tracks are homologated without cranes and tractors on track. They are safe in these conditions. The moment you put external stuff on it, then it's a very different story.”

Jules Bianchi´s accident in 2014 is still a very recent memory and Gasly says he was shocked with the incident considering the consequences it could have had.

“It was a serious matter. It's clearly something that should have never happened, but unfortunately it happened. There weren't any consequences, except let's say maybe mentally, I was kind of shocked with what's happened, and for the people that kind of remembered the loss of Jules. There weren't any tragic consequences. But the most important thing is just to have myself and all my colleagues and all the people in motorsports safer in the future. And that's what they're planning.”

Gasly believes that as it happens in life sometimes solutions are found once you face the problem.

“But often in life you find solutions once you face incidents or mistakes. And even it's kind of looks obvious, nobody in that paddock thought about it earlier.”

On his penalty, he didn’t want to comment on the polemic and just explained it´s not what matters the most.

“I don't want to do any polemic on that side. As I've said, I followed my delta. And I got penalised for overspeeding on the back straight, which was after the incident. And I don't want to do any polemic with that. And that's not even what matters in this report.”

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