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F1 | Verstappen, Hamilton and Perez on how social media can be damaging and hurtful, say it's becoming more toxic every day

Verstappen, Perez and Hamilton shared their views of what’s happening these days on social media platforms, with countless accounts online that are spreading hate every day

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F1 | Verstappen, Hamilton and Perez on how social media can be damaging and hurtful, say it's becoming more toxic every day
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Hate on social media it’s a serious issue that is growing and growing every day a little bit more. There are countless accounts online with the mere aim of hatring people and spreading hate, and this applies to every field, including Formula 1.

Episode of hate and abuse towards Formula 1 drivers and Formula 1 fans who simply don’t share the same opinions or just don’t have the same views of these people are multiplying in recent days. Pretty much every day there’s a new discussion that leads to new hurtful comments or tweets online, and this Max Verstappen is definitely one of the drivers that’s been targetd the most during this and last season.

“I think it’s just the sport that’s more popular, so there are more people watching, so more people are writing about it. I think it’s just that,” the Duchman said when asked about this matter in the post-race press conference.

“I think it’s not great they’re allowed to write these kind of things, so I hope we can come up with an algorithm that stops people from beign keybord warriors, because these kind of people...” – he paused for a second and then continued – “They will never come up to you and say these things in front of your face, because they’re sitting in front of their desk or whatever at home, beign upset, frustrated, and they can write whatever they like because the platform allows you to.”

“That can be really damaging and hurtful to some people and it’s not how it should be”

Earlier this season Formula 1 came up with a campaing with the aim of trying raise awareness on this issue, but changes take time and even if it seems that the Drive it Out initiative didn’t work, it’ll make a difference for the future.

“I think social media is getting more and more toxic as the years go on. I think we should probably get off it, ultimately,” Lewis Hamilton commented about it.

“Mental health is such a prominent thing right now. I know so many people reading their comments and the stuff that people say and it’s hurtful.

“Fortunately I don’t read that stuff, but the media platforms definitely need to do more to protect people, particulary young kids and women. But at the moment theu’re not doing that, so I think it’ll just continue,” the Englishman said.

Also Sergio Perez gave his opinion on this delicate topic:

“It’s a shame, because you are a public figure and they feel they just can insult you, your family, and do that by just sitting behind the desk. They don’t understand that we are also human beings, and I think this has to stop,” he said.

“Obviously, as a sport, we need to also be responsible of what we post, by ourselves. We have a lot of followers, so it’s very important that we try to get the sport in the right way, because Formula 1 it’s a great sport and has great values, but it also has to do more in that regard.

“Just in general, the social media world is getting far too toxic.”

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