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F1 | Ferrari: "Reliability is a top priority" after mechanical faults squandered multiple victories in 2022

Mattia Binotto says Ferrari must work on reliability ahead of 2023

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F1 | Ferrari: "Reliability is a top priority" after mechanical faults squandered multiple victories in 2022
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The under pressure Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto said “reliability is a top priority” after the Scuderia suffered multiple mechanical faults from winning positions this season.

Charles Leclerc led comfortably in Spain and Azerbaijan before he was forced to retire, on both occasions Max Verstappen took dominant victories for Red Bull.

The Italian said: "Reliability is a top priority because in order to win you need to be reliable and it hasn’t been the case in the season as a balance over the season itself. 

“The second (lesson) is the speed of the car because while we have been very competitive in qualifying it hasn’t always been the case in the race and our race pace whether it is tyre degradation or pure race pace wasn’t sufficient to fight for a better position.

“These are the two because if you’ve got a fast and reliable car the you might make mistakes with reliability or pit stops but you can compensate with the car itself being fast and reliable so it’s where we need to put our effort.”

Binotto explained that Red Bull managed to out-develop the Italian team over the season as they knew how to reduce the weight of the RB18 and gain performance whilst Ferrari struggled with aero.

“In terms of development Red Bull had a clear goal which was reducing the weight of the car which was not our case and somehow they knew what to tackle to get performance out of the car itself. 

“For us it was more complicated because it was through aero developments to try to improve the car from the concept and the aero point of view.”

Binotto admitted that Ferrari’s development over the campaign wasn’t enough to keep up with Red Bull and the ceased development early due to expenditures.

“If I look back the development we did, it was certainly not sufficient, we stopped very early not out of choice but because of expenditure reasons.

“It’s something that we need to review. So did we made the right choice by stopping so early in terms of priority between 2022 and 2023? 

“I don’t know only the 2023 car can tell us if it was the right choice or not. We could have done a better and proper development of the car within what we did, that’s something we need to review.”

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