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F1 | New rules successful in delivering more interesting races, believes Brown

Zak Brown talks about how new F1 regulations have maintained fans’ interest very high, despite Red Bull’s and Verstappen’s domination.

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F1 | New rules successful in delivering more interesting races, believes Brown
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The purpose of Formula One management was that of making races fun and entertaining, avoiding a one-team supremacy.

The new generations of cars, introduced at the beginning of the 2022 season, were precisely following this aim, trying to close the gap among teams and spicing championship’s battles up.

This goal seemed to have been achieved when, at the beginning of the season, sports enthusiasts enjoyed fierce competitions among teams including Red Bull and Ferrari, who were very close in terms of pace and performance.

However, race after race, Red Bull progressed much faster guaranteeing Verstappen a clear dominium in the second half of the campaign. Indeed, the Dutchman managed to clinch the title at the Japanese Grand Prix, four races before the end of the season.

Even though Red Bull being a step ahead of the rest led to far less exciting storyline than expected, fan interest still seemed quite high.

McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown believes that the high attention that F1 generated, regardless of the battle for victory, lies in 2022 regulations being a success in delivering good racing.

“It certainly seems like the racing has been better,” he said.

“I think everyone was concerned that cars were going to look the same. They certainly don’t. There’s a lot of different concepts.

“I think the new regulations always need refining, but I think we got it pretty right. And the racing has been very exciting this year.

“Given the dominance of Max, it doesn't feel like it's been a boring season, even if the results on paper, you would think it would be boring. But I think all the races have been very exciting.”

It had been hoped that a combination of new technical directives for aero development combined with the cost cap would have levelled up the field enough for more teams to be in the mix at the front. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

Indeed, one of the negative aspects of the season was that podium places were pretty much locked out by the top three teams Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

McLaren was, in fact, the only team outside the top three to land a podium in 2022, when Norris finished third at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Brown said that it was encouraging for his squad to have at least broken the deadlock once, but he knows it needs to do more.

“[We had] lots of learning. Lots of ups and downs,” Brown said.

“Not as competitive as we were last year, but I think we're a better racing team this year. We’re operationally more sound.

“Our pit stops are better. We've got our investments that are nearing completion. So I think we've learned a lot. New regulations, and excited for next year.” 

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