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F1 | Williams want "sometimes too nice" Albon to push the team harder next year

Francois-Xavier Demaison's biggest complain on the former Red Bull driver after his first year with the Biìritish team is that he is too "nice" off the track, as he believed he should be more vocal on what he believes to be wrong.

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F1 | Williams want "sometimes too nice" Albon to push the team harder next year
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Alex Albon has made his return to Formula 1 at the beginning of 2022 with Williams, after spending 2021 as a reserve driver for Red Bull and racing in DTM. The Thai driver was the best points scorer for the British team this year, bringing four points to the team.

Williams' Technical Director Francois-Xavier Demaison commented on Albon's comeback season to F1, and how having such an experienced driver in his third year in the championship after his experiences with Toro Rosso and Red Bull, has helped the team in further developing their car in the best possible way.

“It was a really good help for us, because we are only engineers and we need drivers to give us a direction. Because of his experience, it’s helped us and given us the right direction."

Albon's 2022 was so impressive that ended up securing him a seat for 2023 as well with Williams. He will have a new teammate as rookie driver Logan Sargeant has secceded in getting the Super License points he needed to be alowed to compete in Formula 1 in the final Abu Dhai round of the Formula 2 champiosnhip. 

The American driver will replace Nicholas Latifi, who had been teammates with Albon not only in the 2022 season, but in their 2018 Formula 2 year as well at DAMS.

However, Demaison believes that, if Albon wants to become an even more successful driver he has to evolve and change his personality a bit. In his opinion the former Red Bull driver needs to raise his voice more after the race in the team briefings, and to be less "polite".

"He’s a nice person – sometimes too nice. He needs to be a bit more hard with the team and push us a bit more, but I’m working on this. It’s his nature – unless he has the helmet on, then he can be hard – but he should be a bit harder in the debrief."

“Every day I tell him, ‘You have to be a…’ – a word I will not pronounce! If you want to be a World Champion, you have to be like this," he concluded.

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