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F1 | Leclerc: "Stategy, reliability and tyre management are the three key aspects we have to work on"

Leclerc said that Ferrari made an amazing step forward this year, even if the middle part of the season has been super-frustrating. Then he explained which are the areas where the team has to work on the most.

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F1 | Leclerc: "Stategy, reliability and tyre management are the three key aspects we have to work on"
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Ferrari has certainly made some progress this year compared to the last two seasons, finishing second in the world championship, and returning to fight for pole positions and for the win.

The start of the season was certainly much more prolific, so much that the fans were almost sure that they could fight with Red Bull to win the world championship, and the disappointment at the end of the season was also caused by these high expectations.

“Obviously, if I take a step back, considering from how far we come from last year, it's an amazing step forward,” Leclerc said during the last press conference of the 2022 season.

“But obviously I cannot ignore our middle part of the season that has been super-frustrating.

“We went from leading the championship with quite a bit of points to being behind by quite a bit of points. And that was a frustrating part of the season.

“So, all in all, we just need to take all the mistakes that we've done this year and try to improve for next year.

“I think we really did some step forwards in terms of strategy and the way we have been taking decisions recently, in the last few races.

“Unfortunately, it was a bit more difficult to show it because the pace is not as good as the beginning of the season. But I'm confident that, in terms of pace, we will manage to catch Red Bull back next year.”

The Monegasque opened up on the areas that Ferrari has to work the most on to improve and deliver a better car for next season - reliability, strategy and tyre management.

“It’s difficult to rank them but reliability has been a problem at one point of the season, which we paid the price for later on with penalties and other things,” he said.

Strategy, I think we've done too many mistakes at one point of the season, and tyre management, we haven't been consistent enough at our 100%.

“Abu Dhabi was a good race but we also sometimes have very bad races and we don't seem to have the understanding yet of how to have a good tyre management all the time.

“These are the three key aspects in which we are focusing on at the moment.

“I felt like strategy has been definitely a step forward in the last few races, as I was saying before. Difficult to show because we don't have the pace that we had at the beginning of the year but the way we communicate, the way we take decisions is better.

"Of course, there was a few mistakes, but I think we took better decisions coming race day. Tyres, strategy and obviously reliability that we cannot forget are the three things that we'll be focusing on.”

Leclerc has always shown himself to be a very self-critical driver and also on this occasion he underlined how sometimes it was his fault if things didn't go in the right direction.

“If anything, I could have pushed less on some occasions, like in France,” he said.

“But I think in the first few years, there was always an area in particular where I was focusing on because I knew it was a weak point. I think now, it's been quite a few years that I'm in Formula 1 and it's more about getting the details and being at my 100% as often as possible.

“This is where I will try to focus on next year, to try and be on my 100%. And then I'm confident that whenever I'm at my 100%, I am really good.

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