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F1 | Carlos Sainz reflects on a challenging year: "I've learned the most since 2015"

Carlos Sainz Jr reflects on the most challenging year of his career so far.

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F1 | Carlos Sainz reflects on a challenging year: "I've learned the most since 2015"
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Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr finished the 2022 season in the fifth place of the driver’s championship with 246 points behind champion Max Verstappen, teammate Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez and Mercedes’ George Russell. 

In his second season in Ferrari, the Spanish driver was at his lowest while Ferrari was at his peak and had to face a difficult beginning as he was seen clearly struggling with a car that suited Charles Leclerc style and even allowed him to lead the championship for a while.

Ahead of the Brazilian GP, he was asked by MotorLat on how much he has learned over this past year compared to others specially considering the adapting and changing of his driving style. According to him, 2022 could be compared to 2015.

“I think in that sense, it's been the year that I've learned the most since 2015. That was my first year in Formula 1. So then I had tougher and easier years but never such a challenging year as 2022 where I found myself in a position where I was driving with this car, I was constantly off the pace in the first five, six races, and I had to fight a lot to change some things in my driving, some things on the car, try to get the car a bit closer to my liking but also, stop having some muscle memory on the way I drive and reset a bit the way I was driving, and it took a long time.”

The tremendous effort paid off for the Spaniard as he could feel the progress made and he is very proud of the work done from his side, especially for not giving up. He also emphasized on the importance of carrying this work to the upcoming 2023 season where Ferrari is expected to fight at the top more consistently.

“But then, at the same time, as soon as it happened, I felt like I had done a big step forward as a driver in my skills, in my development, and I had learned a load. And this is probably the part of the season that I feel more proud of, because I think it would have been very easy with such a tough start to give up on the season and wait for another car to see if I was more competitive, but I didn't give up on it. I kept pushing. And even in these last few races, I'm still trying different stuff. I'm still trying different ways to drive, different ways to set up the car and I could do in progress. So it leaves me optimistic about next year.”

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