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Fernando Alonso: "We need to bring more parts every weekend."

Driver's report after the Spanish GP qualifying session.

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Fernando Alonso: "We need to bring more parts every weekend."
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“How was your drive?”

It’s always a great atmosphere here in Barcleon. I needed this pole, I haven’t had one in a while.



“How was that [in quali]?”

I put in a decent lap, but it’s a shame it’s only four hundredths [to Lewis]. We’ll try get a 1-2 in the race like Baku.



“How was your quali?”

I was happy with the lap. The first lap was not so good, but the last lap was good. I saw my name didn’t go to the top and was not happy.



“Lewis prides himself on his qualifying record. It seems it has hurt him not being on pole lately…”

Exactly right. After four races, you develop things. Thank god, we have qualified well here. But if you win here, it looks for the next races.



"How happy are you with that qualifying?"

I’m happy with that P8. It’s a good position, a step forward. The downside with this position is the top 6, it’s a big gap. We have to keep closing this gap.


“Is the new package what you expected?”

Everything we deliver to the track is delivering the lap time we expected.


“Are the team satisfying your expectations?”

This package is making me happy. In another way, this car is supposed to the Australian GP package. So that delay on the first improvement probably put us in a difficult position. We save this with good races on a Sunday. But we need to bring more parts every weekend.


“Do you still get the same buzz at your home race?”

Yeah, it’s still the same. It’s surprising. I’m happy for the support, and hopefully tomorrow we can put on a good show. It’s important to put a good show in front of all these people.



“Kimi, you leap-frogged the Red Bulls, but how was qualifying?”

Obviously, far from ideal in qualifying, but this is what we’ve got. Mercedes were faster today. 


“Do you expect it to be a similar order tomorrow?”

I don’t know.



“Carlos, you must be delighted with that…”

Yeah, it’s been a good day regarding my own performance. We’ve gone massively quicker since yesterday, something like two seconds faster. It’s going to be a good day tomorrow, hopefully both of us fighting in the top 10.



“Big shunt today, are you all in one piece?”

I can feel the neck a little bit. We just need to get the car ready tomorrow, and we’re all good. I don’t know what it means going forward in terms of new parts, but there should be no problems getting it fixed in time [for the race].



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