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Kevin Magnussen: courage and danger

Perhaps, one of the most discussed drivers in terms of dangerous driving today is Kevin Magnussen.

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Kevin Magnussen: courage and danger
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Recently, more and more people have been talking about the Danish driver starting incidents and blocking other drivers on the track, and in addition to this Kevin has never restricted himself in expressions while giving interviews.

Let's recall some of the races from each of the Dane's seasons after returning to the Formula 1 championship in 2016.

So, let’s start with the 2016 season.

Driving for the Renault team, Kevin made a contact with his team mate Jolyon Palmer on the final lap of the Spanish Grand Prix, for which he has been handed a 10-second time penalty and awarded two penalty points.

Monaco GP. He blocked Daniil Kvyat from advancing at the Swimming Pool, but Kvyat then attempted a move down the inside of La Rascasse, which resulted in contact. The stewards gave the Russian a three-place grid penalty for the upcoming Grand Prix, he, however, blamed Magnussen for blocking him two or three times before they collide.

British GP. After the qualifying both Magnussen and Kvyat were summoned to see the stewards, as Daniil has stated that Kevin has blocked him once again, during his final flying lap at the end of Q2. It should be mentioned here that the steward deemed no further action was needed, as both of the drivers were on their flying laps.

Japanese GP. One more qualifying incident – this time the stewards considered a reprimand to be sufficient in the case.

Season 2017.

Last year the counter started from the very first race – Australian GP, where, being driving the Haas car already, Magnussen slid into Marcus Ericsson’s Sauber putting both cars into the gravel. Later, Marcus wrote on his twitter page that there were no hard feelings between him and the Dane as the latter came up after the race to apologize. However, it’s rather hilarious to mention that Kevin has denied the apologizing, highlighting it was a racing incident.

After that the Hungarian GP took place. I think we all still remember that incident involving Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin and the verbal war that followed it. It’s hard to call their behavior professional, but it was much of a fun for the fans. And of course not so much fun for Kevin himself, as he was given a 5-second penalty during the race.

The next two incidents involved Sergio Perez – the first one took place during one of the Belgian Grand Prix practice sessions, after which the Mexican driver said Magnussen’s move on him was deliberate; the second one – blocking and impeding Perez during United States GP qualifying – has led to a 3-place grid penalty for the Dane.

What about the current season? 

One of the most entertaining races so far, the Azerbaijan GP, also had an incident which happened because of Kevin. He moved to the left and hit the Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly near the end of the race; the move resulted into a 10-second penalty and two penalty points, and Pierre calling Kevinthe most dangerous” driver he has ever raced against.

Being a person that was awarded penalty points the most in the last 12 month (8 points totally), Magnussen managed to get an official reprimand from the stewards for the incident with Charles Leclerc during the first practice of  the Spanish GP

What will we see next – a race ban, 10-places grid penalty? Which of the options will happen first depends on Kevin’s decision to stop or not to stop driving like he is driving at the moment.

You can say it’s an aggressive style, “dying in the car”, fighting on the edge, all these things, but when it’s too many dangerous moves per one driver during three years it seems like no accident. Magnussen really, really needs to change something in his racing approach to become more calm and therefore more reliable and stable.


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