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Biased F1 media

Favoritism is a nasty yet natural thing.

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Biased F1 media
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Anyone who reads anything by the British press will know how they go on and on about Lando Norris and George Russell if they mention Formula 2. The first is the new McLaren protege and the second is currently being nursed by Mercedes AMG, in order to achieve greatness. Now there are two things they have in common: 1) They are talented and 2) they are British. The latter is why they get so much publicity. It's a natural fact that media of a certain country will always invest more in sports-persons of their own country. The British are no different than the Dutch, German or Spanish. It's the way the world works.

I, as a hardcore fan, will read all the news outlets that write a language I can comprehend. Luckily for me, I'm able to do so in three different languages. This gives me a bit more insights between the different (biased) approaches of different publications. And don't let anyone fool you, there is bias and favoritism in every media. But that's OK, my stuff is loaded with it. I'd be a fool if I'd deny that... Which I'm not, hahaha.

But sometimes it can be a bit much. And the best example of it is Sky F1. They do anything to get as much attention as possible on British drivers. Beyond ridiculous sometimes... In the last race pre-show of 2016 they mentioned Hamilton eight times for every one time they mentioned Rosberg. I know, because I got so bored with it that I started counting. Remember that it was a last race showdown between the two, who were fighting for the championship, so mentioning one could hardly be done without mentioning the other. Or so I thought... It got so bad that I changed the channel to the Germans over at RTL.

Of course all that did was shift the amount of times Rosberg got mentioned to an almost equal amount as Sky mentioned Hamilton, and it brought down the amounts of Hamilton's equal to the Rosberg's at Sky. Only positive about it was that they did have the decency to mention others who also raced, in a race with 20 drivers. The negative part of this was that all the others they mentioned were German. No-one else was seen fit enough to get named in the season finale...

So at Sky they talked about one and a half person and at RTL they talked about four and a half persons. Which is all quite silly isn't it? What if I wanted to know about Daniel Ricciardo who, after all, was third in the championship. And therefore in front of Vettel, Hülkenberg and Werhlein who did got a segment in the show. Should I find an Australian channel to switch to next? Or Rio Haryanto, who did have a half season in 2016 and, during that half looked stronger than anyone predicted. Not only did I have to find an Indonesian channel, I'd also have to learn a new language, as I suspect they don't talk English on their national television. If they do and any Indonesian reads this and feels offended, I'm sorry but I know nothing about your country, other than its name. I did not even know where it was situated on the globe, but I just checked and was amazed by how big it was.

That being said, and assuring you that this little rant was not a total waste of your time, there are times when borders, languages and ethnicity don't seem to matter. And those times are when one or two drivers do something the racing community can't ignore. Take the celebrated Arnoux vs Villeneuve Dijon battle. Usually most of you would say "but Arnoux was French, to hell with France." and "Villeneuve? He was French Canadian, that's even worse than French!". And yet, no-one thinks this while watching their jaw dropping battle.

Luckily for us there was another perfect example last weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix (Ah the Austrians, don't get me started on those racists!) where one of the most hated ethnicity on the planet (No, I'm not looking at you Germans, although Vettel did do a nice elbows out manoeuvre on Hamilton) dominated social media in a good way. This time they didn't rig the American election nor did their hooligans interrupt the British fans' football game. This time a wonderfully talented young man by the name of Artem Valeryevich Markelov pulled something you can already consider the greatest last lap of 2018

Maximilian Gunther, Nicholas Latifi and Santino Ferrucci stood no chance against his balls out move. How else can you describe it when a driver even uses the grass to pass? Yeah, I made that rhyme on purpose, sue me.

After that he also made a move on Nirei Fukuzumi in the last corner, greeting the chequered flag in P8. Sit back, relax and enjoy the clip. Then re-watch it and tell me if I'm wrong and that you don't like it. I dare you!

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