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Teams’ and drivers’ results of the first part of the season

Let's sum up the results of the first part of the 2018!

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Teams’ and drivers’ results of the first part of the season
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While Formula 1 and its participants are resting on summer vacation, let's remember what results the teams and drivers achieved in the first part of the season-2018.


Mercedes at the head with Lewis Hamilton took the biggest number of the victories in the first part of the season, namely five wins. In Australia Lewis started the season without a victory, but now he is spending summer break as a leader of the championship. However, the first part of the season by Hamilton isn't the most successful. The three first races didn't give him a victory, and even Lewis was the second at his «home» Grand Prix in Silverstone. From 12 races, he has five wins and five poles, one retirement (Austria) and two finishes out of the podium (China, Canada).

The Hamilton's teammate Valtteri «wingman» Bottas spent the first part of the season without victories. Although last year he had already had two - in Russia and Austria. From 12 races, Valtteri earned one pole position (Austria), two DNFs (Azerbaijan, Austria) and five 2nd places. Alongside this, Bottas doesn't lose much to Hamilton in qualifying score - 7:5 in favor of Lewis.

Standings: Mercedes – 1st (345 points), Hamilton – 1st (213 points), Bottas – 4th (132 points).


Ferrari at the head with Sebastian Vettel loses only one victory to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian began the season very confidently and brightly, with the winning in the first race of the season and with the stolen victory from Hamilton in Great Britain... what he paid back for in Hockenheim. Nevertheless, due the often mistakes, both his own and his team, Vettel missed a few «easy» victories, for example, in Austria and Germany. So, from 12 races Sebastian won four, earned five poles and got one DNF (Germany).


Kimi Raikkonen's first part of the season was quite complex and ambiguous. The Finn could won some races or finish on a better position, but every time he had to play a role of - as Toto Wolff said - a «wingman». Kimi's achievement in the first part of season-2018:  five finishes on the 3rd place, two retirements (Bahrain, Spain) and one knocked mechanic (Bahrain). As for qualifying score, Kimi loses a lot to his teammate – 10:2 in favor of Vettel.

Standings: Ferrari – 2nd (335 points), Vettel – 2nd (189 points), Raikkonen – 3rd (146 points).


Perhaps, for Max and Dan, and for the whole team, the main events in the first part of the season were not the results, but several races, which can be called a «turning point» in the fate of the team and drivers. What happened in Baku reflects the real situation in Red Bull - Daniel and Max cannot exist together in the one team. Otherwise, it happens, what happened in Baku – a clash of teammates, a double DNF and 0 points for the team. The brilliant Dan's victory in Monaco reminded him of his speed and natural talent, and make him think of he deserves something more than be a shadow of Verstappen. Therefore, what happened was what had to happen – Ricciardo announced the leaving form Red Bull Racing and joining Renault in 2019.


As a result, for 12 races of the first part of the season Daniel earned two victories (China, Monaco), four times finished 4th and four times retired. Max won once (Austria), four times was on the podium and like teammate had four retirements. The qualifying battle is won by Max Verstappen – 9:3 in favor of the Dutchman.

Standings: Red Bull Racing – 4th (223 points), Ricciardo – 5th (118 points), Verstappen – 6th (105 points).


According to the results of the first part of the season, Renault became the first team after the leaders. The results of the drivers show the French have progress and it is quite big, that gives a great hope that in the season-2019 the team will present a very good car.

Renault drivers showed approximately the same results during the first part. Nico Hulkenberg managed to finish eight races in points and show the best 5th place in Germany. The Carlos Sainz's results are the same, but he showed his best 5th place in Azerbaijan. Also, Carlos for 12 races has only one retirement, when Hulkenberg has three. In qualifying battle, teammates are also approximately on equal positions – 7:5 in favor of Nico.

Standings: Renault – 4th (82 points), Hulkenberg – 7th (52 points), Sainz – 11th (30 points).


Haas' performances this season look unsuccessful: a lot of potential, but little result. A striking example of this is the opening race of the season in Australia, where this year the excellent race of both drivers ended with a double DNF. Moreover, Grosjean's results raises concerns for his future in this team. In the first part of the season, the Frenchman finished only three races in points, and had four retirements. His best result was in Austria, 4th place. Against the background of the teammate, Kevin Magnussen' results look more stable. Kevin earned points in seven races, and had one DNF, in Australia. The best result – 5th place – Magnussen showed twice: in Bahrain and Austria. Also in the qualifying score the Dane also became the best - 9:3 in favor of Magnussen.

Standings: Haas – 5th (66 points), Magnussen – 8th (45 points), Grosjean – 14th (21 points).




In the beginning of the season, Force India was remembered by his judicial proceedings than by the results in races. Without jokes, given the difficult situation in which the team is, we can consider current 6th place in the Constructor Standings is a big achievement for Force India.

In the first part of the season, the Force India cars retired four times – a double DNF at the home Grand Prix of Esteban Ocon in France, and two more Ocon's retirements in Azerbaijan and Spain. Also the Frenchman managed to finish in points six times, and the best result was the 6th place in Monaco and Austria. Sergio Perez earned points in five races and even once went up on the podium, finishing third in Azerbaijan. In the qualifying score, Esteban is leading – 9:3 in favor of Ocon.


Standings: Force India – 6th (59 points), Perez – 10th (30 points), Ocon – 12th (29 points).


A very tough start of the season for Stoffel Vandoorne. He is far behind his teammate Fernando Alonso, and risks losing his place in McLaren next season, especially as rumors about the moving of Sainz to McLaren are becoming more realistic. So, in the first part of the season, Stoffel managed to finish in points three times, the best 8th place the driver took in Bahrain; also Vandoorne had three retirements. Fernando Alonso also earned three DNFs, but earned points in nine races. The Spaniard showed the best result in Australia, taking 5th place. As for the qualifying sessions, now McLaren is the only team with a qualifying score of 12:0. In favor of Alonso. Moreover, Fernando managed to go to Q3 two times (Spain, Monaco).

Standings: McLaren – 7th (52 points), Alonso – 9th (44 points), Vandoorne – 16th (8 points).


The relationships between Toro Rosso and Honda is going hard, but still the team isn’t on the last place, which can already be considered a good sign. As well as between McLaren teammates and between Toro Rosso teammates is a big difference. Pierre Gasly for 12 races could finish three times in points, taking a phenomenal 4th place in Bahrain. Hartley leads in the peloton only in the number of retirements – he has five of them. Two times Brandon managed to finish in points, and both times, he finished on the 10th position (Azerbaijan, Germany). Qualifying score is 9:3 in favor of Gasly.

Standings: Toro Rosso – 8th (28 points), Gasly – 13th (26 points), Hartley – 19th (2 points).


The brilliant start of the season for Charles Leclerc. The rookie of the season earned points in five races, showing the best result in Azerbaijan – 6th place. Leclerc also showed excellent performances in qualifying: Charles went to Q3 three times, in France, Britain and Germany. And this is just the beginning of the season!


Against the background of such a bright debut of a teammate, Marcus Ericsson looks very weak. He finished three times in points, and his best result was 9th place in Bahrain and Germany. In qualifying Ericsson also loses Charles - 9:3 in favor of Leclerc.

Standings: Sauber – 9th (18 points), Leclerc – 15th (13 points), Ericsson – 17th (5 points).


No words needed. 4 points. The last place in Constructor Standings. Qualifying score is 7:5 in favor of Sirotkin.

Standings: Williams – 10th (4 points), Stroll – 18th (4 points), Sirotkin – 20th (0 points).



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