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It looks like F1 is going to be Electrical - What about Formula E?

“There is nothing to stop us having electric Formula One cars in the future." says Ross Brawn

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It looks like F1 is going to be Electrical - What about Formula E?
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There's the possibility of burying F1 alive as the Formula1 Managing Director of Motorsports and technical director, boss Ross Brawn has said that there is "nothing to stop" the championship from switching to all-electric within the next decade, as there was a desire to do so as he told Autosport.

It's obvious that F1 will lose their fan base (Fully) if it changes to electrical as the sport is already suffering and struggling of many dilemma such as the domination of one team for the last 4 years, the continuous regulation changes, team orders, tight safety regulations (which prevent drivers from a joyful proper racing) and facing some slack over the loss of viewership over the past few seasons.

But why the idea of an electric F1 when FIA has already the electrical series since 2014, the ABB Formula E? Well, ESPN quoted Brawn as saying he wants F1 to move in the direction of the rest of the world to stay relevant, that there’s “nothing to stop [F1] having electric Formula One cars in the future.” he also said to the F1 Fan voice community "If in five years' time or 10 years' time or whenever there is a need, desire, wish to have a different type of power unit in Formula 1, we'll do it,"

At the same time, Formula E boss Alejandro Agag told Autosport “Ross said that Formula 1 could go electric in 10 years, and basically they can’t,” and what he meant of "they can't" is there are many things stopping F1 from going electric and one of these reasons is its contract with the FIA, because Formula E has a license with the FIA for 25 seasons and the series is only four seasons into entity.

Agag is worried here and so concerned about Formula E to be closed-down as if F1 became electric-powered anytime in the nearest future which means F1 is suffocating Formula E so softly!

Here are what Agag has told Autosport:

“So the earliest Formula 1 could go electric is 2039, if we don’t renew our agreement with the FIA then, but I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t renew for longer. [...]
“If they want to talk to me then, of course, that’s a different question - I’m always open to talk to people.
“But without talking to me there is no way they can do anything fully electric.”

On the other side, Brawn hasn't defended about Formula E's future calling it “very junior” compared to F1’s appeal, It's like comparing a grandfather's achievements with his only 4 years grand son's. [First F1 Race: 1950 - (68 years old). Formula E First Race: 2014 - (4years old) ]

Here are what Brawn told ESPN:

“At the moment they don’t deliver the spectacle, and with all due respect if you go to a Formula E race it is a pretty junior category of motor racing. It’s a great event in terms of all of the stuff that is going on around it, but the race itself is pretty tame when you compare it to a Formula One event. The cars are not particularly fast, you don’t have the personalities involved but they are doing a fabulous job at putting on an event and making it a street party.”

“Formula One is different to that, Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport, the speeds we do, the calibre of drivers we have and the teams we have, and if that moves in five or ten years’ time to a different power source then we will do it if that is most appealing and achieves what we want to achieve. I don’t see Formula One being locked into internal combustion engines forever, but who knows where we are in ten years”

However, this is something confusing when Brawn and Agag are striving, fighting over, and protecting each other’s series from the loss but how about the fans' loss!? As a matter of fact, F1 fans have the right to decide how this sport going in the correct direction. And It may go electrical, nothing but the loss of its huge fan base. But we're sure that since Liberty Media has the takeover of the sport, it really has improved and will be developed more very well with passionate F1 fans to keep it relevant in modern times.

A week ago, I’ve interviewed a Scottish professional race car driver who works in the Arabian Gulf countries, his name is Ahmed Scotland (who represents Alloy Wheel repair specilest in Saudi Arabia #AlloyKSA). However, Scotland and his crew members went on a journey of an Electric Vehicles under the (Hashtag) #ChargeToTheCircle, an eco-adventure from the UK to the Arctic circle in July 2018. He came back home after a nonstop driving trip over 6,000 miles by Tesla, BMW and Nissan Leaf for 17 days crossing the boards through 7 countries from Bristol to the Norddkapp in the Arctic Circle (the northernmost point in Europe)


Scotland has quoted saying when I asked him about his first ever EVs experience:

“Whenever I drive my race car in front of a crowd I watch their reactions as I rev the engine and the kids jump with excitement pointing at the flames popping out of the exhaust… Electric vehicles are a literal “mute button”… yes there are electric race cars and road cars that have annihilated records and destroyed petrol cars on almost every platform and yes some of them make a whining sound like a straight cut gear… but, no matter how much EVs are pushed down our throats with impressive performance figures, not a single one of them so far that I have been in has put a genuine smile on my face.”

In conclusion, a Petrolhead like me and you will never let the tradition F1 slips away from our hands as it’s the widest smile F1 can put in our faces. I think we can trust Boss Brawn and Liberty Media to do something during the fight against global pollution although the electric vehicles are more polluted than the patrol vehicle's carbon dioxide mostly because of its battery. Well, It would take another page to describe that! 


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