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F1's Summer Break – Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen Reflect On Red Bull's Season So Far | M1TG

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen share with Mobil 1 The Grid their thoughts on the season so far with Red Bull.

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F1's Summer Break – Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen Reflect On Red Bull's Season So Far | M1TG
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Daniel Ricciardo will leave his long time team and the end of the year to continue his Formula 1 journey with Renault, but this does not mean that the Aussie driver is not enjoying his last races with the outfit he has wore for several years.

Despite the ups and downs of the 2018 season, Daniel finds this championship more exciting that the previous ones.

"More people, more opportunities, the top three teams are more matched. More teams have the opportunity to be there. We are close to Mercedes, but the midfield teams have the chance to maybe get a podium here and there, so it's been cool." Said Daniel Ricciardo to Mobil 1 The Grid's microphones.

The RB14 has hit some troubles during this season, with some double DNFs (Baharain, Baku), some victories, one with Max Verstappen in Austria, and two with Daniel, in China and the long chased Monaco.

"It was of course a very special win and very unexpected as well, so I think that makes it even nicer." Said Max Verstappen, who scored the last victory for the team in their home Grand Prix. "A lot of Dutch fans came to the Grand Prix and then of course to win in the Red Bull Ring it's very cool and nice."

Max is currently the youngest driver to have won a Grand Prix and, as you know, with fame and success come criticism too.

"I think there will always be critics and people who are jealous at the end of the day. The most I could do is believe in myself and what I could do and that's what I always did." Said the Dutchman.

Red Bull is clearly not on the same level as Mercedes and Ferrari, but has been able, in several occasions, to threat both top teams and make things a little bit difficult for them. But there are still ups and downs which make it hard to fight for the championship.

"Motorsport is so up and down. In Baharain it looked pretty bad and then suddenly in China we won; it's been crazy, it's been pretty fun." Said Daniel. "Monaco was amazing. To win there is obviously special, and after coming so close already two years ago it was a bigger relief than I thought it would be actually."

Both drivers have surely enjoied the summer break, as well as the whole team, after the first Formula 1 Thriple Header, which didn't allow parties.

"The Thriple- Head is new to us... some races have a good result and we might have a little bit of a party and the thriple head is not a place to do that." Said Daniel, who maybe misses Monaco's parties.

Despite not being fully in the championship fight, Red Bull has still a lot of points to conquer and maybe some wins to steal from Mercedes and Vettel; there are still some races to have fun until the end of November, when Daniel will definitely say goodbye to his team.

Will Monaco be his last win with the bulls outfit? We will find out soon.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about Red Bull's season so far, take a look a the video below thanks to Mobil 1 The Grid.


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