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Hulkenberg: I did not have to recover from the news about Ricciardo

On the Thursday media briefing, Nico Hulkenberg adressed the events from the summer break and his outlook on the future

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Hulkenberg: I did not have to recover from the news about Ricciardo
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The thursday briefing with Nico Hulkenberg brough to the spotlight his hopes and possibilities for F1 team of Renault. When asked about the situation with Daniel Ricciardo and if he had any idea about his deal with the team, he said that he was surprised, since Ricciardo's announcment came into the light very spontaniously. He answered: „ Obiviously I am happy with Ricciardo, as with any teammate but obviously bringing a driver like this this shows that Renault is serious, puts a little bit pressure on them to delivera good car, brining a mutli-grand prix winner I think it is only positive”. Hulkenberg admitted that he does need to „do his homework” but he is not worried about his performance, especially compared to Ricciardo, and he is awaiting the challange, believing that he can deliver a good performance next year. Hulkenberg said that he is looking forward to even more progress since the team is very serious and professional and puts a lot of effort to deliver the best results that are possible, and he sees a good future for the team. When asked, he said that bringing Ricciardo to the team can improve the performance of Renault even more, since he will bring a lot of experience from one of the Formula One's top three teams.


For Hulkenberg, Ricciardo's background will be a big asset to the team. He said that information about Ricciardo has been very well received in the team, and it had a good impact on the team, bringing positive feelings but also a lot of serious component into their work. Hulkenberg is happy with this current project and presence of Daniel made it only better. He said that „never is never” and although it is not sure about their pace in the upcoming years, he strongly believes in his team and his abilities. He also adressed his issues with the engine in his car, although he is not sure what kind of penalty he will receive, although it's very possible he will receive it. Despite trying his best, he thinks that getting into a top 7 during this Grand Prix will be a difficult task to complete. Even if racing brings a lot of joy to him, and climbing up as high as possible is always on his agenda, this race might not give him a chance to be finishing position he wants to. How will Hulkenberg perform during this weekend? We already might have an insight during tomorrrow's Free Practice Sessions.

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