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Belgian GP | Hamilton: Sebastian's overtake was not a surprise to me

Quick summary of the post-race drivers conference.

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Belgian GP | Hamilton: Sebastian's overtake was not a surprise to me
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After an interesting start and unfortunately a pretty boring rest of the race, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen joined the journalists in the press conference room. When asked about Vettel's move, Hamilton admitted that his overtake was „not a surprise to him”. He has admitted that Mercedes had some loss in the pace this weekend, despite bringing a new update to the power unit, which in overall seemed very good. Hamilton said that to catch Ferrari, they would neet to gain some more power in the next couple of races. Their main loss was in the 1st and 3rd sector, where Ferrari performed well in general. Hamilton said that for whatever reason Ferrari has more pace, and said that it might be due to „tricky parts” in Ferrari's car. When asked more about it he seemed pretty frustrated, and replied that to him „tricky” means just giving more performance, and he does not mean that the parts used by Ferrari might be illegal, and asked to not read between the lines. The winner of the race, Sebastian Vettel, admitted that it was crucial to catch Hamilton on the start. He admitted the beginning was quite intense, but afterwards he managed to keep a steady and controlled pace, that gave him such a big advantage over Hamilton. Vettel admitted that his restart was not the best he could have had, but He said that what helped him was a good exit from the last corner and from there the job was already easier. When asked about the power – engine advantage, he said that he hopes that they do have more power, and that it is all thanks to the work of the team. He admitted that they can see that they are much faster in comparison to the previous yeat, and that it is a positive information for the entire Scuderia Ferrari. Max Verstappen, who managed to pull a third place in todays race, said that the presence of so many Dutch fans was not an extra pressure, but an extra motivation, and it makes him push even more when he sees the orange army cheering for him during the race. When asked about how their 8 next races will look like, due to the split with Renault in the end of the year, he said that they are ultimately gonna try to make the best out of it. A lot has been said during the conference, and for more emotions we dont need to wait long – the Italian GP on the legendary Monza comes already this upcoming weekend.

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