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Belgian GP: Last day of action in a summary

The Belgian GP has come to an end. See the summary of the day at the track of Spa-Francorchamps.

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Belgian GP: Last day of action in a summary
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Dramatic start and a pretty boring race afterwards are pretty much summing it up for the Sunday on the track of Spa-Francorchamps. Sebastian Vettel won the race, which was finished by only 15 drivers, followed by Lewis Hamilton on 2nd and Max Verstappen on 3rd. On the 4th we had Bottas, 5th Perez, 6th Ocon, 7th Grosjean, 8th Magnussen, 9th Gasly, 10th Ericsson, 11th Carlos Sainz, 12th Sirotkin, 13th Stroll, 14th Hartley and last, Vandoorne 15th. The people who retired from the race were, first of all, Fernando Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg and Charles Leclerc, after Hulkenberg bumped into Alonso which sent him flying over the head of Leclerc. It is only thanks to the Halo system that Leclerc went out of this crash with no injuries. Kimi Raikkonen had to retire from the race due to a puncture in his back tyre, due to a contact with Daniel Ricciardo, which made him retire as well. Afterwards the race basically nothing else happened, with a few minor overtakes and a lot of boring laps. In the press conference afterwards, Lewis Hamilton has admitted that Vettel's overtake was not a surprise for him since their pace this weekend was not that good. He also expressed that Ferrari's pace may keep up for the next few races, basically on any track with long straights, since for „whatever reason” Ferrari has more power than Mercedes, which we could also see in the overall performance of Ferrari during the weekend (beside a lot of strategial mistakes). Verstappen admitted in the conference that seeing so many Dutch fans is never a pressure on him, but gives him more motivation and he's happy to be able to pull out a podium after starting from the 7th place. As for Vettel, he admitted that overtaking Hamilton on the first lap was crucial and he is very happy with the result and performance that Ferrari had this weekend.

On the other news, the jigsaw with the drivers continues. After father of Lance Stroll acquired Force India, Lance most likely drive there already from Monza, which will trigger more driver shuffles between the teams. It has been reported that in his place in Williams we will see a great comeback of Robert Kubica, and since Perez most likely has already a contract with Force India, Ocon will be out of the team. Most likely Ocon will be moved to Mclaren, which will trigger another shuffle – Vandoorne would move to Sauber, kicking Marcus Ericsson out of the F1 grid. Till now there is still no confirmation to those information, but it is pretty likely that all of those changes will happen as early as already in Monza. To see how the Formula One will look like soon, we need to wait only till this weekend, for the legendary Italian GP. Till now, we just need to wait.

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